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Algae Extract Toothbrush with Extra Fine Double Bristle, Medium Hardness and Soft Deluxe Chlorella O-Zone

Brand: o-zone
Product Code: 8552-30
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21 120 сум
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Set: 1 piece
Type: toothbrush
— The stiffness of the long bristles of the brush is soft.
— The stiffness of the short bristles of the brush is medium.
Suitable for people with weak gums. The Korean Toothbrush with Silver Nanoparticles, Ultra-Fine Double Bristle, Medium Hardness and Soft Deluxe Chlorella O-Zone is designed with the latest technology with algae extract, which prevent the growth of bacteria and help eliminate bad breath.
The bristle produced with the addition of algae extract retains its effect until the expiration date of the toothbrush. Thin, soft, pointed top bristles penetrate deeply into spaces between teeth that are hard to reach for conventional toothbrushes. The rounded lower bristles perfectly clean the tooth enamel and do not damage it.
Thanks to brushing your teeth with such brushes, blood circulation improves, gums are massaged, and the resistance of the oral cavity to infections increases.
Toothbrush with algae extract with a curved handle contributes to a long-term preservation of the feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

How to use: open the original blister of the toothbrush. Rinse the cleaning brush head in running water before use. Apply some paste and brush your teeth for a few minutes. Then rinse the brush in running water. Brush your teeth in a circular motion. Store upright. Use a toothbrush at the rate of 1 toothbrush per 1 tube of toothpaste.

Composition: handle - polypropylene, rubber; bristles - polybutylene terephthalate.
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