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33 000 сум

YOPOKKI Cheesy flavored rice sticks CHEESE TOPOKKI, 120 gr

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Brand: young-poong
Product Code: 8434-30
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33 000 сум
Type: rice sticks
Weight: 120 gr
Packing: plastic cup
Taste: cheesy
Energy value per 120 gr of product: 320 kcal
Manufacturer: Young Poong, South Korea
The product is certified

Ingredients: Rice, salt, flour, dry milk slicks, corn powder, dextrin, sugar, vegetable oil, wheat whey, pepper powder, whey, starch syrup, milk sugar, milk cream, coconut oil, sodium casein, lecithin, cheddar cheese, sodium phosphate powder, onion, flavor enhancers, chicken powder, potato starch, refined palm oil, citric acid, turmeric, soy sauce, glucose, dextrin, lovage, carrot, parsley, garlic, paprika, flavoring (cheddar cheese). May Contain: Soy, Milk, Wheat A delicious Korean dish with a mind-blowing flavor. Fans of Asian cuisine will like it. Tookpoki rice sticks in Cheese Yopokki cheese sauce are cooked in a few minutes, perfectly saturate, and each bar in the viscous mass becomes a source of pleasure.

Cheese Yopokki Rice Sticks in Cheese Yopokki Cheese Sauce is a South Korean appetizer with a great creamy taste. It can be served as a lunch to satisfy hunger and make up for lack of energy. Fans of Asian dishes will appreciate this product and will be able to diversify their menu with it.
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