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155 760 сум

And House vacuum bags (90*86 cm), 2 pcs

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155 760 сум
Type: vacuum bag
Quantity: 2 pcs
Manufacture: South Korea
Brand: And House Reliable reusable vacuum bags are a great opportunity to save space in your closet. To use, it is enough to fill the bag with things and pump out all the air with a vacuum cleaner. The valve is suitable for all types of vacuum cleaners. Reduce the volume of things by 4 times by pumping air out of the bag. It is convenient to store and transport pillows, blankets, outerwear, seasonal clothing, soft toys and more. The bags are airtight and waterproof, protecting things from dust, moisture, mold, insects and odors. After removing things from the package, they again return to their form. Transparent material makes it easy to navigate the contents and quickly find the right thing. The strength and elasticity of the material, double lock and automatic valve allow the bag to be used repeatedly.
Size 90*86 cm (set of 2 pieces)

Tags: And House, vacuum bags, 90*86 cm, 2 pcs

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