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The Skin House Marine Active Eye Cream

Brand: skin-house
Product Code: 7529-28
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200 000 сум
Gender Female
Skin type: for all skin types Skin problems: bruising under the eyes, wrinkles, dehydration, swelling
Effect: The cream moisturizes, refreshes and slightly cools, with regular use, the skin around the eyes becomes firm and elastic, smoothes, puffiness and circles under the eyes decrease.

Age: 30 years and above
Volume: 30 ml
The product is certified Firming eye cream provides quality supportive care for the skin in the eyelid, helping to prolong its youth. The formula includes hyaluronic acid, which effectively eliminates dryness and flaking, and also smoothes superficial wrinkles by filling them with moisture. Fights morning puffiness and eliminates signs of fatigue. Does not irritate sensitive eyelid skin. The cream does not conflict with makeup and is suitable as a moisturizing substrate under concealer. Adenosine stimulates metabolic processes in tissues and improves blood circulation, preventing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. It also triggers the active synthesis of collagen and elastin, which helps to increase the density of the thinned skin of the eyelids. Restores tone and elasticity. Squalane and ceramides in the cream make up for the lack of lipids on the surface of the delicate skin of the eyelids, prone to drying out, and prevent moisture from evaporating. Ginseng extract has revitalizing properties. Ginseng has a pronounced rejuvenating effect and slows down skin aging. Application: apply a small amount of cream to dry, cleansed skin around the eyes. Distribute the product along the perimeter of the orbital bone, moving from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. Carefully drive the cream with a fingertip and wait until it is completely absorbed. The cream can also be applied to the area of the nasolabial folds, to the corners of the mouth and to the space between the eyebrows.

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