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Brand: daesang
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Type: sauce
Package type: glass bottle
Volume: 500 gr
Ingredients: concentrated oyster extract, water, sodium inosinate, high fructose corn syrup, disodium succinate, salt, seafood extracts, fish sauce, starch, guanylate sodium, soy sauce, grapefruit seed extract.
Producer: South Korea
Product certified Premium Oyster Sauce - a sauce made from mashed oyster meat. Adds a tangy flavor to meat, fish, poultry and vegetables when roasted. Rich in trace elements and amino acids. Demanded among restaurateurs and chefs.

Method of use
Used for frying seafood, meat, vegetables. For any kind of food. Fry the ingredients a little, then add the oyster sauce. Fry until done. To give the products an appetizing spicy taste, 1 spoon is enough.

Nutritional value per 100 g of product
Protein - 6.4 g
Carbohydrates - 9.2 g
Fat - 0.3 g
Energy value - 67 kcal (281 kJ )

Oyster sauce was invented over a hundred years ago. This achievement of Chinese cuisine has become widespread in Asia and around the world. Initially, oyster meat was used for its manufacture. However, in recent decades, this ingredient has been replaced by oyster extract, which has significantly reduced the cost of this product without changing its traditional taste.

It is believed that the darker and thicker the oyster sauce, the tastier it is. Oddly enough, it harmonizes best not with seafood, but with meat. It can be added to stir-fry beef and pork, and can be used to make a variety of noodle dishes. In China, this product is often used as a salt substitute.

Oyster sauce contains a large amount of iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and zinc. In addition, it contains a lot of easily digestible glucose, so after using this product you feel a surge of energy and increase efficiency.
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