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155 000 сум

TIAM My Signature Vita Red Toner 130 ml

Brand: tiam
Product Code: 8024-29
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155 000 сум
Type of bed: for normal bed
Effect: uluchshaet tsvet litsa, ubiraet tusklost i pokrasneniya
Volume: 130 ml
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Brand: TIAM Brightening vitamin toner TIAM My Signature Vita Red Toner deeply moisturizes, brightens the tone and gives a soft blue. It strengthens the immune system, increases the protective function, stimulates the process of regeneration and regeneration.

Toner replenishes the lack of moisture, normalizes the water-lipid balance, eliminates stiffness and fatigue. Pomogaet borotsya s unjelatelnoy pigmentation and traces of postacne, uluchshaet tsvet litsa, ubiraet dusklost i pokrsneniya. Nasyshchaet koju pitatelnymi veshchestvami, uskoryaet obmen veshchestv i uluchshaet microcirculation in cell epidermis.

The toner has the consistency of a thick guide to the lightest pink shade. Toner effectively restores the skin after washing with harsh water, instantly eliminates stubbornness.

Basic active ingredients:

  • Niacinamid zamedlyaet dostavku melanina k epidermisu, predotvrashchaet obrazovanie pigmentnyx pyaten. Reduces external irritation, increases the production of collagen and increases the density of the skin. Reduces transepidermal moisture loss and supports the protective barrier.

  • Panthenol stimulates the restoration of the skin's integrity, reduces redness and irritation, and has healing properties.

  • The extract effectively calms the irritated skin, relieves inflammation, helps to fight acne and inflammation. Strengthens the lipid barrier of the epidermis and protects against the negative impact of the surrounding environment.

  • Hibiscus extract soothes irritated skin, accelerates inflammation, inflammation and redness.

  • Pomegranate extract contains natural antioxidants. Nasyshchaet koji active veshchestvami, relaxes, povyshaet urugost and elasticity koji, activates production of collagen, reduces irritation.

  • Sodium hyaluronate is a low molecular weight form of hyaluronic acid. It penetrates the deep layers of the epidermis, actively uvlajnyaet cells, sposobstvuet uderjaniyu vlagi and koje. It forms a protective layer that does not allow moisture to evaporate.

It is suitable for all types of koji.

Method of application: apply a small amount of toner to the opening of the pad with the palm of your hand and a water disk.

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