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165 000 сум


Brand: some-by-mi
Product Code: 8077-29
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165 000 сум
Type of koji: for problematic koji, for combined koji, for normal koji, for dry koji, for dry koji
Effect: soothes sensitive and irritated skin, relieves inflammation and redness
Volume: 135 ml
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Brand: Some by Mi Восстанавливающий тонер с муцином чиорной улитки Some By Mi Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Toner accelerates the renewal and regeneration of cells in the epidermis, reduces the skin and smooths the relief.

Toner restores the optimal level of moisture, normalizes the function of salnyx gel, allows lightening, pigmentation and discoloration.

The toner effectively restores the lack of moisture after washing, neutralizes the aggressive effect of running water, strengthens the protective function of the epidermis and moisturizes it.

The product calms the sensitive and irritated skin, relieves inflammation and redness, helps to treat acne and prevents the re-appearance of pimples.

Basic active components:

Mucin chyornoy ulitki (90%) - activates the production of own elastin and collagen fibers, as well as fibronectin. Accelerates process regeneration, ranozajivlenie, soothes irritation and inflammation, increases turgor, dissolves wrinkles, has a lifting effect. Effective and complex treatment of dermatological diseases.

Niacinamide - stimulates the synthesis of collagen and increases the protective function of the skin, reduces transepidermal loss of moisture, removes pigmentation, moisturizes, softens pores, soothes, brightens.

Arbutin - obladaet silnym otbelivayushchim deystviem i uvlajnyaet, snijaet virabotku melanina, uluchshaet proprotivlyaemost koji i predokhranyaet ot negativgo vozdeystviya UF-luchey.

Glutathione is a muscle antioxidant that protects against aggressive external factors. It slows down the process of aging, tones, tones and removes redness, lightens pigmentation.

The sweet extract is soothing and has an anti-inflammatory effect, has an anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect, regenerates and brightens.

Asian centella extract - has protivovospalitelnym and ranozajivlyayushchim deystviem, sposobstvuet vosstanovleniyu barernyx svoystv koji and uderjaniyu lagi, snijaet chuvstvitelnost koji, umenshaet oteki, okazyvaet sosudouukrepliayushchee deytvie i umenshaet kuperoz.

Tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic, has anti-fungal, bactericidal and antiviral effects, reduces inflammation, prevents the development of new ones, dries, and is ideal for treating acne, combined and problem skin.

Extract pollen - okazyvaet bactericidal, antiseptic, protivovospalitelnoe deystvie. Normalizes hydro-lipid balance koji, lechit acne.

How to use : Apply the necessary amount of toner to the skin and apply a sponge to the skin.
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