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Brand: secret-key
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Skin type: for all types
Effect: perfectly moisturizes the skin, soothes, relieves stress and tension, prepares the skin for applying a moisturizer or emulsion
Volume: 500 ml
Production country: South Korea
Brand: SECRET KEY Deep penetrating hyaluronic toner Secret Key Hyaluron Soft Toner for effective moisturizing of the skin, maintaining its firmness, elasticity and youth.

It has been proven that dehydrated dry skin looks dull and more actively emphasizes wrinkles, peeling and other imperfections. Moisturized skin looks well-groomed, healthy, perfectly smooth and elastic.

The main active ingredient of the toner is hyaluronic acid (consists of 15%) blocks the process of skin dehydration, maintains the required level of water in the cell, providing stable skin hydration throughout the day.

Pyrocarboxylic acid stimulates cell regeneration, helping to smooth fine wrinkles and improve complexion.

Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect, preventing premature aging.

AHA and BHA acids (fruit acids of lemon and apple) exfoliate, give the effect of micro-peeling, due to which they renew the skin and even out skin tone.

Organic rose water and cucumber juice soothe, soften and relieve tension.

Does not contain parabens, benzophenone, mineral oils, preservatives and artificial colors.

Suitable for all skin types: from dry and sensitive to oily and combination.

How to use: Apply toner to a cotton pad and wipe your face with it. Use the toner daily in the morning and evening on cleansed skin before using a moisturizer or emulsion.

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