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JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Toner

Brand: jmsolution
Product Code: 6985-21
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160 000 сум
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Manufacturer : JMsolution

Volume (ml): 600

Weight (gr): 650

Type of bed: for normal bed, for combined bed

Age: limited

Country of manufacture: South Korea

Tonery dlya litsa JMsolution Glow Luminous Toner osstanavlivayut i uvlajnyayut koju posle umyvaniya. Thanks to my vhodyashchim v sostav naturalnym extractam, tonery nasyshchayut koju vitaminami, uluchshayut tsvet litsa, ustranyayut obezvojennost i delayut ton litsa freshim i siyaushchim. V lineyke predstavleno tri vida tonikov:

ROSE Toner (Rose) - increases the microrelief, increases elasticity, slows down the aging process, eliminates dullness, brightens the color of the face and makes the subsequent treatment more effective.

  • The complex of peptides stimulates the formation of collagen, i.e., it increases resilience and elasticity, accelerates regeneration and renewal, dissolves wrinkles, and has antioxidant potential.

  • The extract of damask rose moisturizes the skin, regenerates, relaxes the skin, increases the elasticity of the skin, normalizes the secretion, tones the skin, soothes the pores, eliminates allergic reactions and skin. Thanks to the tsvetochnym extract, which gets a complex pitatelnyx, and takje uvlajnyayushchih components, thanks to which it looks like a dusky tsvet litsa.

  • Hydrolat rozy, extract flowers of calendula, tiare, lavender and sakura charge energy, soothe, calm down, increase local immunity.

PROPOLIS Toner (Propolis) has anti-inflammatory action, soothes and eliminates inflammation, stimulates regeneration, has antioxidant properties.

  • Extract propolisa napravlen na pitanie i zashchitu koju. Propolis restores the hydro-lipid balance, brightens the skin, removes external factors, reduces inflammation and smoky skin. Antibacterial property of propolisa pozvolyaet predotvratit poyavlenie vospaleniy. It has antioxidant properties, opens the skin, increases microcirculation and exchange processes. Povyshaet elasticityhnost i uprugost, pomogaet sokhranyat vlagu i pridayat litsu velvetistost.

  • Matochnoe molochko has bactericidal, antiviral and antitoxic properties. Sposobstvuet uluchsheniyu obmena veshchestv, povysheniyu tonusa. It has regenerating properties, increases quality and level of structure. Blagotvorno vliyaet na stotoyanie mature koji

PEARL Toner (Jemchug) - moisturizes the skin and useful microelements, which help to dissolve wrinkles and reduce the appearance of pigment spots.

  • Extract gemchuga umenshaet pigmentation, uluchshaet tsvet litsa, smyagchaet koju, delaet ee bolee gladkoy. Podtyagivaet oval litsa, omolajivaet, uluchshaet tone koji.

  • Sea water has an antiseptic effect, accelerates inflammation, burns inflammation. It has drainage properties, loosens the skin.

  • Carrageenan extract with marine hydrogen has a regenerative and antioxidant effect, stimulates the production of collagen.

  • Marine collagen gives elasticity and firmness, increases elasticity and improves marine life.

It is suitable for all types of koji.

How to use : wet disc with a damp cloth and wipe the face after washing.
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