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Enough Collagen Whitening Moisture Foundation SPF 15 13 (100 ml)

Brand: enough
Product Code: 7057-21
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61 000 сум
Enough Collagen Whitening Moisture Foundation SPF 15 tone 13 perfectly hides imperfections, intensively moisturizes and gives the skin a slight natural glow. The effective composition of the product helps maintain healthy skin and slow down the aging process. Enough Collagen Whitening Moisture Foundation SPF 15 superbly hides imperfections, corrects tone, hydrates and restores skin's natural healthy glow.

The product has a slight anti-aging effect, slows down the aging process, conducts moisture deep into the cells of the epidermis, preventing skin dehydration and effectively protects against aggressive external factors.

Components such as collagen, niacinamide and adenosine intensively moisturize the skin, tightening and increasing the elasticity of the epidermis, help smooth wrinkles and lighten post-acne.

Main active ingredients:

  • Marine collagen - improves the general condition of the skin: smoothes and evens it, makes it firm and elastic, removes fine wrinkles and refreshes. It has a wound healing and soothing effect, retains moisture in the deep layers of the skin. Has a regenerating effect.

  • Hyaluronic acid - creates an invisible barrier on the skin that prevents the evaporation of moisture, improves skin structure, promotes skin cell regeneration, reduces fine wrinkles, makes the skin smooth and tender.

  • Niacinamide - accelerates the process of cell renewal, reduces the number of wrinkles, moisturizes and tightens pores, protects against free radicals.

  • Adenosine is one of the most commonly used ingredients in the fight against age-related changes. Tightens, smoothes wrinkles, accelerates metabolism and prevents age-related changes.

  • Centella asiatica extract - has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects, helps to restore the barrier properties of the skin and retain moisture, reduces skin sensitivity, reduces swelling, has a vascular strengthening effect and reduces rosacea.

How to use: Apply the required amount of foundation and evenly blend using a special sponge, brush or fingertips.
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