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Brand: ama
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80 000 сум
Long-lasting anti-comedogenic ultra-moisturizing foundation with hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid. Ready to spend money on expensive outfits to look beautiful? Do you buy new dresses for a couple of "exits", and then store them in the closet unnecessarily? So why not "invest" in your skin, because we wear it every day? Our health and appearance depend on the choice of cosmetics. Due to poor-quality foundation, our skin, face and, as a result, our self-esteem, career, personal relationships suffer! AMA Hyaluron Foundation Ultra Moist & Longwear collagen foundation is a guarantee of even, beautiful skin without risk to health! Country of origin: South KoreaHere's why we love it so much: - makes the skin perfectly smooth and velvety - thoroughly masks skin imperfections - does not create a "mask" effect - light, delicate texture - absorbs quickly - anti-comedogenic cream does not clog pores, does not cause acne or allergies - SPF 20 protects the skin from sun rays - the foundation creates an invisible protection of the skin from dust, dirt, infection and other adverse factors of the big city! Base: Hyaluronic acid optimizes moisture levels and continues to nourish the skin with moisture throughout the day, making it velvety, soft and elastic. This ingredient helps to forget about dryness and irritation forever, and also acts as an intensive anti-aging component. Hydrolyzed collagen makes the skin supple and elastic, tightens turgor and solves the problem of fine wrinkles, as well as collagen provides intensive hydration, protecting the skin from dehydration. Centella extract Asian has an effective healing, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Restores the protective functions of the skin, strengthens the protective barrier. By retaining moisture in tissues, it maintains water Ph - balance. Allantoin will prevent the formation of wrinkles, improve metabolism and help speed up tissue regeneration. Rosemary extract effectively affects the processes of blood circulation and skin regeneration, stimulates the renewal of tissue cells and gives the skin permanent youth, tightened and elasticity. Chamomile extract has a healing and soothing function. Beneficial effect on problematic skin prone to allergies or hypersensitivity

Tags: AMA, HYALURON FOUNDATION, #23, Natural Beige

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