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180 000 сум


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Brand: dr-ceuracle
Product Code: 8137-29
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180 000 сум
Koji type: for all types of koji, jirnaya, combinirovannaya, normalnaya, sukhaya
Effect: omolajivaet koju
Volume: 8g
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Brand: Dr. Ceuracle

Ampoule s 10%-nym vitaminom S Dr. Ceuracle Pure VC Mellight Ampoule

  • Vosstanavlivaet jivoe siyanie koji;

  • Ukreplyaet zashchitnyy barrier epidermisa;

  • Omolajivaet koju;

  • Zashchishchaet koju ot deystviya svobodnykh radicalov;

  • Nasyshchaet koju vlagoy;

  • Razglajivaet morshchiny and umenshaet pigmentation;

  • Okazyvaet uvlajnyayushchee, uspokaivayushchee;

  • Great external view;

  • Pridaet gladkost i siyanie.

Mgnovenno vpityvaetsya, ne ostavlyaya lipkoy pelnki.

"Pure VC mellight ampoule" Dr. Ceuracle comes in a dark glass bottle with convenient dispensers for proper storage.

To obtain the finished product, we do not need to save the cap, so that the powder is vysypalsya in the ampoule.

Basic active components:

  • Pure vitamin C powder in 10% concentration is effective in combating the problems of the delicate age: wrinkles, mesh under the eyes, dark circles, stimulates the production of collagen, tones the skin, and activates the process of homogenization.

  • Idebenon is a muscle antioxidant that restores DNA cells, prevents membrane damage, enables long-term deep absorption, works even in microdoses, and preserves its effectiveness for a long time.

  • Oblepikhi extract supports elasticity and elasticity, relieves relief, accelerates aging and microcracks.

  • Tranexamic acid is a blocker of the signal that is necessary to vyrabatyvat kojei melanin, vyravnivaet tone koji.

  • Glutathione helps fight acne breakouts, removes age spots and pigment spots.

  • For example, blue chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, improves the condition of the skin.

The tool works well: for all types of skin.

Method of application:

Apply 2-3 drops to the dry, open skin. A single ampoule has a short-term storage and application, and it lasts for 7-10 days after exposure.

The ampoule should be stored in cold storage. At room temperature, vitamin C quickly oxidizes and breaks down, which changes the formula and makes it ineffective.

Rekomenduetsya ispolzovat v chernee vremya.


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