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240 000 сум


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240 000 сум
Koji type: for dry koji, for normal koji, for combined koji, for dry koji
Effect: increases the elasticity and elasticity of the tissue, strengthens and supports the oval face
Volume: 100 ml
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Brand: MEDI-PEEL Rejuvenating ampoule serum with stem cells Medi-Peel Cell Toxing Dermajou Ampoule for effective anti-aging and skin aging. Syvorotka works kak s uje imeyushchimisya morshchinami tak i predovvraschaet poyavlenie novyx, prodlevaya molodost koji. The product restores firmness, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the tissue, strengthens and supports the oval face. It has a light effect on the lift, loosens and removes the glue, morshchin and kojnyx zalomov.

The product improves immunity, replenishes energy, tones and heals the skin. Intensivno uvlajnyaet and supports the optimal level of moisture and cellular epidermis. Softly brightens general skin tone, helps to reduce the expression of unwanted pigmentation and age spots;

Osnovu sivorotki sostavlyayut phytostolovye cells, oni obogashchayut cells epidermisa kiskorinodom, otrajayut ataku free radicals, zashchishchayut DNA koji ot negativnogo vozdeystvya okrujayushchey sredy. Eti veshchestva penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, causing intense true collagen and elastin fibers. Also, the serum contains personal liposomal capsules, which are similar to the structure of cellular membranes, because of this, all active components of the capsule penetrate maximally deep into the epidermis and are effectively absorbed by the skin.

Basic active components:

  • The stem cells of damask rose are directed to the stimulation of aquaporins , which produce "water channels" in cell membranes and provide ideal moisture balance, as well as protective functions and prevent transepidermal moisture loss.

  • Stem cells of white lilies have antioxidant activity, prevent oxidative processes and slow down the aging process; zashchishchaet ot photostarenia i vrednogo vozdeystvia solnechnyx luchey; obespechivayut stimulyatsiyu biokhimicheskikh protsesov, uvelichivaya obem synthesis collagena, v tom chisle type III, kotoryy vyrabatyvaetsya tolko v molodosti i obespechivaet koje elasticityhnost.

  • Niacinamide stimulates the synthesis of collagen and increases the protective function of the skin, reduces the transepidermal layer of the skin, removes pigmentation, moisturizes, soothes, soothes, and brightens the skin.

  • The stable form of vitamin C is specially developed for sensitive skin. It has a slight brightening effect, reduces the appearance of pigmentation, and brightens the complexion.

  • Adenosine is the most frequently used component in the fight against age-related changes. Promotes, relieves wrinkles, accelerates metabolism and prevents age-related changes.

  • Complex trace 4-x video peptides:

  1. EGF acts at the molecular and cellular levels and can actually slow down the aging process, help regenerate cells in the epidermis, preserve youth, restore elasticity, increase the quality of capillaries and hair, increase skin color, and increase protective properties.

  2. IGF and other factors in the complex have an intensive stimulating effect, slows down the process of aging, eliminates dullness and light.

  3. KGF stimulates the activity of the right cell, restores the structure of the cell, and leads to an ideal condition. Krome togo, on yavlyaetsya istochnikom zdorovya i krasoty koji, tak kak gluboko uvlajnyaet ee and uluchshaet synthesis macromolecular proteins, obespechivayushchix eyo elasticityhnost.

  4. FGF effectively compensates for the lack of moisture in the epidermis of the cells, helps to maintain it and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Pomogaet sokhranit uprugost i elastichnost koji.

Rekomenduetsya dlya ukhoda za zreloy kojey.

Method of application : apply the necessary amount of serum with a massage device or a clean, moisturizing toner.


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