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HAIR SERUM LADOR Snail Sleeping Hair Ampoule 20 ml

Brand: lador
Product Code: 13441-29
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22 000 сум
Lador Snail Sleeping Clinic Ampoule Intensive night repair serum for damaged hair. Serum has a nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating and protective effect. Helps to replenish keratin, due to the lack of which the hair becomes loose, brittle and lose shine, seals split ends. Revitalizing serum: 1.Replenishes protein in the hair 2.Creates a protective film 3.Prevents protein loss 4.Contains natural ingredients 5.Intensively nourishes without stickinessNatural components of natural ingredients promote active restoration of the hair structure at night, when regeneration processes are especially active. The tool strengthens the hair roots, as well as the strands themselves along the entire length. Main active ingredients: Snail mucin (1000 mg) is a rare natural restorer and ensures the regeneration of damaged hair ends. Snail mucin makes hair moisturized and prevents overdrying, heals weakened hair. Collagen increases the moisture level of the hair, restores its firmness and elasticity, revitalizes, makes the hair more manageable, protects and facilitates combing. The water lily extract removes toxins and dirt accumulated in the hair and scalp, has a strong anti-inflammatory, softening and soothing effect, soothes irritations, has a healing effect, eliminating dermatitis and eczema, intensively moisturizes the hair and restores its elasticity and firmness. Iris extract has a moisturizing and cleansing effect on the skin, well regenerates and restores the skin, promotes hair growth. Edelweiss flower extract is a strong antioxidant, protects hair from ultraviolet radiation, moisturizes and smoothes strands. Jasmine extract is suitable for sensitive scalp. Nourishes and moisturizes, has antiseptic properties. Tiger lily extract has an antiseptic and soothing effect. For dry, colored and damaged hair. How to use: Night care: apply the serum to dry hair before going to bed. Pay special attention to the ends of your hair. The product does not require rinsing.Day care: in case of severe damage to the hair, apply the product to the dry ends of the hair, do not rinse.

Tags: СЫВОРОТКА ДЛЯ ВОЛОС, LADOR, Snail Sleeping Hair Ampoule, 20 ml

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Алина Иванова
Алина Иванова
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Эта сыворотка для волос просто волшебство! Волосы стали гладкими и блестящими уже после первого применения. Рекомендую всем!

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