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Brand: commonlabs
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Soothing vitamin E and green tea serum containing 72% tea tree leaf extract and vitamin E. It has powerful anti-inflammatory, softening, moisturizing properties. Controls sebum production, soothes and protects the skin, and reduces inflammation.

Gesolza, a blend of sweet wormwood, citron and pinewood, is a patented antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that inhibits sebum secretion, which is an inducer of skin problems that cause infections. The tool fights viruses and pathogenic bacteria, thanks to which it helps to eliminate inflammation, irritation and other negative manifestations on the skin.

Vitamin E - for a long time protects the skin from external irritations.

Has a pronounced revitalizing effect
Volume: 30ml An excellent choice for particularly sensitive and blemish-prone skin is a soothing serum with vitamin E and tea tree oil.

Its formula has anti-inflammatory, regenerating, softening, moisturizing and antioxidant effects, combats imperfections in the epidermis, restores its protective barrier and improves elasticity.

Gesolza ™ is a patented ingredient that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, inhibits the secretion of sebum, which is an inducer of skin problems that cause infections. Vitamin E also provides reliable skin protection.

Gesolza™ is a traditional and natural formula of oriental medicine such as sweet wormwood, citron and pine leaf. The addition of these effective materials to the Gesolza ™ ingredient is able to solve skin problems.

In addition, soothing and healing ingredients such as vitamin E, madecassoside and allantoin are also included in the COMMONLABS Vitamin E Calming Ampoule.

Instead of water, the composition includes 72% tea tree leaf extract, which has long been known for its excellent ability to treat inflammation

Key ingredients:

Vitamin E - soothes and protects the skin
> Madecassoside - soothes and protects the skin.
Gesolza ™ - to reduce inflammation and prevent skin problems.
Tea Tree Leaf Extract - to control sebum and eliminate problems

Features of Commonlabs Vitamin E Calming Ampoule:

- different natural formula;
- provides effective nutrition and hydration of the skin;
- neutralizes inflammatory processes;
- has an antiseptic property;
- activates the process of cell regeneration and renewal;
- fights acne and acne;
- narrows pores;
- normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands;
- eliminates toxins;
- has a smoothing effect;
- stimulates the production of elastin and collagen;
- accelerates blood microcirculation of the epidermis;
- has antioxidant properties;
- increases the tone and protective functions of the skin;
- gives the face radiance.

How to use: Apply 2-3 drops to the skin, massage the product over the surface of the face, avoid the area around the eyes.
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