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45 000 сум

Laundry detergent Super whiteness LG Household & Health 1KG

Brand: lg-tech
Product Code: 12837-37
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45 000 сум
Type: washing powder
Purpose: whitening
Brand: LG Household & Health
Wash type: automatic / manual
Purpose: for white things
Weight: 1 kg Laundry detergent Superwhiteness LG Household & Health (El G Haushold and Hels) - washing powder with oxygen bleach.

Main advantages:

  • powder leaves no chance for stains even in cold water

  • thanks to the structure of microgranules, the powder dissolves quickly and without residue even in cold water

  • active oxygen bleach works effectively in cold water, removing all contaminants

  • oxygen bubbles bleach and disinfect without deforming the fabric

  • the action of active oxygen bleach restores whiteness to yellowed clothes

  • active particles together with enzymes remove greasy and protein stains

  • Polarzyme component promotes better washing in cold water

How to use: put the required dose of powder into the washing machine, load the laundry and turn on the wash
Ingredients: 5-15% anionic surfactants, zeolite, up to 5%: non-ionic surfactants (soap, soda ash), sodium sulfate, optical intensifiers, calcium carbonate, fragrance, sodium chloride, enzymes, oxygen bleach (sodium percarbonate)

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