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Brand: lg-tech
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Type: laundry towels
Purpose: for washing colored and white clothes
Type of washing: automatic
Weight: 0.43 kg
Manufacturer: South Korea Tech Revolution – new revolutionary format of washing powder! One sheet - one flawless wash! Perfectly washes even in cold water, thanks to the cleansing power of active enzymes. Removes static electricity, rinses out without residue, gives the linen a delicate floral scent. Suitable for washing colored and white linen, products made from natural, synthetic and artificial fabrics. Suitable for washing underwear.
How to use:
1 Unfold the washing sheet and put it deep into the drum of the washing machine. Do not put the sheet into the opening for dry or liquid detergent. This may damage the washing machine.
2 If the powder sheets dry out during storage, its effectiveness will be reduced.
3. The non-woven material remaining after washing can be used as a napkin for cleaning surfaces.

Consumption of napkins for semi-automatic washing machines:

- when loading less than 40 l. up to 1 sheet of napkin even with heavy contamination;

- when loading approximately 60 l. use 1-2 sheets;

- when loading from 80 l. use 2 or more wipes.

Consumption of napkins for automatic washing machines:

- load of linen up to 3 kg use no more than 1 sheet;

- load of linen from 3 to 6 kg. depending on the degree of contamination 1 or 2 sheets;

- load of linen from 6 kg use 2 or more sheets of napkins.

Attention! Napkins should only be placed in the drum of an automatic washing machine along with the laundry. Do not place tissues in the powder and conditioner compartments. The use of other products in the powder and conditioner section is prohibited!

Ingredients: polyoxyethylene lauryl alcohol (>30%), glycol thickener (15-30%), fragrance (
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