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Brand: blithe
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275 000 сум
Blithe Rejuvenating Purple Berry Splash Mask is a unique product that will transform your skin in just 15 seconds! A highly concentrated mask is aimed at restoring skin firmness and elasticity, strengthening turgor and rejuvenation. The mask intensively moisturizes, helps smooth out creases and mimic wrinkles, slows down the aging process and has a revitalizing effect. The express remedy quickly restores skin health, improves complexion, tightens and tones. Helps in the fight against the first signs of aging, reduces the depth of wrinkles and reduces their severity, maintains tissue elasticity and accelerates regeneration processes. The berry complex has a pronounced antioxidant effect, evens out skin tone, refreshes and improves complexion, restores healthy radiance and tone. Due to acid content, the product has an exfoliating effect, effectively cleanses, removes all types of impurities, dissolves fatty plugs, softens and polishes the skin. What is a splash mask? This is a special type of mask, which is characterized by a high concentration of active substances in the composition, quick action on the skin and ease of use. Splash mask must be used at the stage of washing, diluting the concentrate with water, just rinse your face with it and pat dry with a towel. The mask does not require rinsing and is suitable for daily use. The main functions of the splash mask: Delicate exfoliation that does not injure the skin. The composition of the masks includes acids and they are responsible for the gentle and safe exfoliation of the skin, accelerates the renewal process, polishes and softens the skin, and also improves the penetration of all active substances into the cells of the epidermis; The mask does not require rinsing, after it there is no dryness and irritation. Suitable even for sensitive skin. It not only cleanses well, but also moisturizes, nourishes and tones; Quick action of the mask - only 15 seconds a day and the visible result will not keep you waiting; The product is a kind of "booster" - works as a conductor, increases the effectiveness of all care products and allows them to penetrate as deep as possible into the skin and be better absorbed. Main active ingredients: The berry complex has antioxidant, softening and rejuvenating properties. Gently moisturizes the skin, reduces its sensitivity, nourishes and refreshes. It has a brightening effect, evens out the complexion. Lemon extract improves complexion, brightens unwanted pigmentation, eliminates freckles and age spots, preventing their reappearance. Perfectly mattifies the skin and exfoliates dead cells well. Lactic acid moisturizes the skin, evens out the color and relief of the epidermis, has a photoprotective effect, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and regulates the process of natural skin keratinization. AHA-acid softens and exfoliates the upper keratinized layer of the skin, improves the condition of problem skin, evens out complexion, improves skin smoothness and elasticity, protects against skin photoaging, brightens age spots, moisturizes the skin. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. Suitable for mature skin care. How to use: Wash and cleanse the skin, pour one third of the mask and two thirds of water into the cap; Apply the resulting mass on the face and evenly distribute with driving movements; You can use a cotton pad. The product is applied immediately after morning or evening washing; Pat your face dry with a towel. Suitable for daily use. The mask can be used as a rinse for the scalp, it cleanses well, gently exfoliates and strengthens the hair follicles. Also, the mask can be used as a body lotion and even added to the bath like a bath oil.


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