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Kalbi beef marinade sauce CJ Beksul, 840 g

Brand: beksul
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94 000 сум

Marinade sauce for meat from Korea. In just 1 hour, the sauce can transform the taste of meat beyond recognition.

This amazing marinade is full of spices, fruit puree, ginger and more!

If you often cook meat, a large bottle of CJ Beksul Beef Kalbi Marinade Sauce will come in handy. The sauce will make the meat tender and soft, and is suitable for a wide variety of dishes:

  • Beef ribs;
  • Steaks;
  • Roast;
  • roast beef;
  • goulash.

A balanced composition will give the dish a real Asian taste: pepper paste and spices will provide the desired degree of spiciness, caramel syrup and sugar - a sweetish tint, and fruit puree - spicy sourness. Soy sauce is responsible for the salt here, so you need very little extra salt in the meat. Delight your household with new gourmet beef dishes - with Kalbi marinade it's very quick and easy.

1. For marinating: cut the meat and pour over the sauce, mix thoroughly and leave for 1 hour (add onion, green onion, garlic and vegetables to taste).

2. For frying: cut the meat into small pieces and pour over the sauce, mix thoroughly and leave for 1 hour. Add green onions, mushrooms, onions, garlic and vegetables as desired. Fry until cooked through in a pan or grill.

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