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Brand: neogen
Product Code: 8016-29
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170 000 сум
Skin type: for sensitive skin, for dry skin
Effect: makes the skin tone more even and restores a healthy, rested look to the face
Volume: 50ml
Production country: South Korea
Brand: NEOGEN Ultra-light A sunscreen primer that provides comfortable UV protection to reduce the risk of cancer, sunburn and signs of early aging, perfectly moisturizes and soothes damaged, problematic skin, reducing sensitivity and maintaining comfort throughout the day. The delicate lilac shade of the cream helps to hide unwanted redness and uneven tone, creating the effect of “blurred” skin with a slightly moist, radiant finish, wipes enlarged pores and small imperfections, and also acts as an excellent base for applying makeup - evens out the relief and fills in dry wrinkles, making the skin fresh, smooth and incredibly soft.

What it does:

-Protects against the harmful effects of UVB rays and UVA rays, is comfortably distributed on the skin, does not whiten and is not felt during the day (physical filters are based on sunscreen);
-Guaiazulene soothes, relieves irritation, itching and flaky spots after unsuccessful cosmetic experiments, burns and shaving, has a vasoconstrictive effect, therefore, in a matter of seconds, relieves redness and facilitates the course of any allergic reactions;
-Niacinamide protects cells from aging and oxidative stress, evens out tone, has a powerful brightening effect, thereby helping to cope with age-related pigmentation and post-acne, and also gives the skin brightness and radiance. Niacinamide increases the skin's ability to retain moisture, preventing dehydration and a feeling of tightness, restores protective functions and actively works with imperfections, relieving inflammation and controlling the functioning of the sebaceous glands;
-Panthenol, licorice, calendula and lavender extract, led by guaiazulene, form a powerful complex that instantly soothes after prolonged exposure to the sun, relieves redness and the feeling of "burning skin", accelerates regeneration processes and heals minor cuts and cracks on the surface of the face and also strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
-Lysates of bifidobacteria restore the lipid barrier, preventing the spread of bacteria that lead to inflammation and exacerbation of acne, prevent skin diseases, reduce sensitivity and alleviate the condition of reactive skin prone to eczema, dermatitis, rosacea and rosacea, rejuvenate, visually tighten and contribute to the filling of wrinkles, tighten the oval of the face, preventing early flabbiness and sagging of the skin;
-Centella asiatica extract accelerates the process of regeneration and healing, reduces skin sensitivity, pain, itching and redness, restores a broken lipid barrier, reducing transepidermal moisture loss, dryness and flaking, quickly copes with allergic reactions, rashes and inflammatory processes, and also acts as a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from photoaging;
-Tea tree leaf extract has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, promotes drying of acne and regulates the sebaceous glands, preventing excessive oiliness of the skin;
-Rice extract deeply nourishes, fills fine wrinkles and creases, making the skin of the face more elastic, ruddy and attractive, slows down the aging process and protects against adverse environmental factors (strong wind, temperature changes, gas pollution, etc.);
-Green tea extract - a natural antioxidant that protects cells from free radical radiation, preventing photoaging of the skin, perfectly refreshes the complexion and improves blood microcirculation, helping to remove puffiness and swelling from inflamed areas;
-Ceramides, cholesterol and phytosphingosine strengthen the protective barrier, preventing peeling, thinning of the skin and foci of inflammation, improve lipid metabolism of cells, thereby stopping early aging and have a powerful lifting effect in the moment, restoring the lost density and elasticity to the skin;
-3 types of hyaluronic acid deeply moisturize and reduce transepidermal moisture loss, protecting the skin from dehydration and dryness, smooth the relief and fill in the network of wrinkles, due to which they have a slight lifting effect in the moment, tightening and making the skin glow from the inside. Hyaluronic acid perfectly prepares the skin for perfect makeup application, preventing decorative cosmetics from “falling through” into dry wrinkles and creases, thanks to which tonal foundations and BB creams emphasize the beauty of the skin and are comfortably distributed on the surface of the face;
-Glutathione is an effective and fast-acting natural component that eliminates age spots, post-acne and age-related darkening, it transforms the skin in a few seconds, gives it brightness, radiance, and also fights age-related changes, increasing elasticity and reducing the severity of wrinkles.

How to use:

Apply as the final step of care before going outside.
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