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Soy paste Sempio Tojang Jjigae Seasoning, 450 gr

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Brand: sempio
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71 300 сум
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Type: soybean paste
Taste: spicy
Volume: 450 gr
Brand: Sempio
Manufacturer: South Korea
Product certified This is a product designed so that everyone can easily prepare a delicious stew from soy paste based on dojang, a delicacy of a noble family. Because soy sauce is not skipped, it contains all the unique flavor ingredients of soy sauce, so it has a savory yet deep taste.

Typically, regular soybean paste is fermented and aged by pouring brine into the soybean paste. To make soybean paste tastier, the old yangbani family enjoyed tojang, soybean paste without soy sauce, as a delicacy. In 2015, Sempyo released "Sempyo Tojang", inspired by the old method of our ancestors, and ranked first in the premium 100% soybean paste market!

Sempyo 'Tojang Stew Seasoning' is a product that can be immediately prepared into a delicious stew without the inconvenience of preparing a separate broth by adding various seasonings such as onion, garlic and cheongyangcho to Saempyo soy sauce. In addition, in order to make it easier for beginners to make delicious tungjang stew, Chef Sempyo Uri's research team's "Secrets of Making Delicious Soybean Paste Stew" was published on the double label on the lid of the product.

Tojang Jjigae Seasoning is a product based on 73 years of Sempyo fermentation technology and the know-how of Korean taste research. Sempyo plans to continue developing products with the right taste so that consumers can easily enjoy our taste. Please support Sempyo who wants to entertain the world with our taste!
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