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19 000 сум

Soybean paste Samdyan CJ, 170 gr

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19 000 сум
Type: soybean paste
Weight: 170 gr
Taste: medium spicy
Energy value per 170 gr of product: 340 kcal
Manufacturer: CJ Cheiljedang, South Korea
The product is certified

Ingredients: soybean paste (soybean powder, wheat powder, sea salt, water, seed malt), starch syrup, red pepper seasoning (red pepper, salt, garlic), roasted soybean powder, sugar, alcohol, 2% powder preparation or less (peanut), vegetable extract, roasted sesame seeds, mixed spice powder, garlic onion, ecstasy yeast powder, sesame oil, malt extract. A popular culinary ingredient for Korean dishes. Gives products a neutral, slightly spicy taste. Samdyang CJ Mixed Paste is an extremely healthy food and enriches the diet with antioxidants.

CJ Samdyang Mixed Paste is a culinary ingredient that simplifies the preparation of Asian dishes. By adding it to the broth or to the pan when frying foods, you can achieve a wonderful taste with a pleasant light spiciness. The antioxidants in soybeans and vitamin C, which is rich in red peppers, will make food healthier and also extend its shelf life.

Tags: Korean food, Soybean paste, Samdyan CJ, 170 gr

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Людмила Ким
Людмила Ким
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Продукт очень вкусный и полезный, удобно упакован. Отлично подходит для приготовления разных блюд. Хорошая альтернатива мясу.

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