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125 000 сум


Brand: aromatica
Product Code: 8155-29
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125 000 сум
Type koji: for all types of koji
Effect: warms up and opens the head, removes dandruff, all zagryazneniya and dead cells. Accelerates the process of regeneration, strengthens hair follicles, allows blood circulation to the scalp and stimulates straight hair
Volume: 165 gr
Country of production: South Korea
Brand: AROMATICA Rosemary Scalp Scrub effectively heals the scalp очешчает кожу головы, udalyaet шелушения, все загрязнения и omertvevshie celtki. Accelerates process renewal, strengthens hair follicles, improves blood circulation to the head and stimulates straight hair.

Cleansing scrub with sea salt comprehensively treats the scalp and ears, keeping the hair clean and fresh. Extracts of rosemary, eclipty, coriander and oregano nasyshchayut corni volos neobhodimymi pitatelnymi veshchestvami, sohranyaet volosy zdorovymi krepki i shelkovistymi, a koju golovy uvlajnyonnoy.

Granuly izrailskoy sea salt deeply open the scalp and hair follicles, remove the izlishki kojnogo sala and zagryazneniy. Preimushchestvo abrazivnykh particles v vide sea salt sostoit v tom, chto pri vzaimodeystvii s vodoy oni gradually rastvoryayutsya. Takim obrazom, granuly myagko i nejno ochrezhchayut koju golovy i ne ostayutsya na volosah, smyvayas vmeste s vodoy.

The product does not contain silicones, ingredients of biological origin, mineral matter, parabens and synthetic aromatizers. Neither testiruetsya nor jivotnyx. The scrub is made from 96.3% natural ingredients.

Osnovnye deystvuyushchie components:

Morskaya sol vypolnyaet role pilinga, snimaet inflammation, obezarajivaet, lechit inflammation and irritation, ekreplyaet stenki suduov, open. Rosemary extract has strong antiseptic and anti-microbial properties, it gently soothes irritated skin, relieves inflammation, and heals quickly. It also increases blood circulation in the head, stimulates and opens the hair follicles.
Eklipty extract protects against unfavorable environmental conditions, accelerates cell regeneration and recovery, prevents premature gray hair growth and restores healthy hair.
Coriander extract strengthens hair and prevents the appearance of premature gray hair, normalizes the secretion of salnyx gelosis and helps fight dandruff.
Basilika extract makes hair more elastic, springy and voluminous. Pomogaet sokhranit volume nadolgo.
Extract of oregano increases the hair follicles and stimulates the straight hair, makes it soft and silky.
Podkhodit dlya zhirnoy koji golovy.

Sposob primenenia: Apply a small amount of the product to a wet scalp, massage gently and hold for 2-3 minutes. Smoyte bolshim kolichestvom teploy vody. Then use conditioner for hair. Rekomenduetsya ispolzovat ne chashche 1-2 times a week for deep opening of the head.

Tags: #HeadScrub #Aromatica #ScalpRootEnergizing #165g

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