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Shampoo with keratin KERATIN LPP SHAMPOO La'dor

Brand: lador
Product Code: 7537-28
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150 000 сум
Care: for hair.
Hair type : Colored , Damaged , Dry
Effect : Growth activation , Shine , Restoring , Hypoallergenic , For brittle, thin and damaged hair , Protection from external environmental influences , Cleansing , Nourishing , Increase elasticity , Against hair loss , Thermal protection , Moisturizing
Age: for all ages
Volume: 530 ml
Brand: La'dor
The product is certified Keratin Shampoo provides salon care for hair of any type and is especially useful for damaged and tired hair. Thanks to its low acidity, it softens the hair. Saturates with proteins, restores the structure. Smoothes. Strengthens. Increases elasticity. Facilitates styling and combing. Prevents breakage and eliminates the effect of split ends. Provides effective cleansing. Does not cause irritation. Eliminates dandruff and greasy shine. Increases resistance to negative environmental influences. Makes hair voluminous and spectacular. The composition includes: Keratin LPP - a protein that fills the slightest voids in the structure of the hair columns, increasing volume, strength and giving elasticity; Jojoba oil - moisturizes, nourishes, fortifies. Softens. Smoothes. Improves the condition of the scalp. Stimulates follicles. Accelerates hair growth. Does not allow falling out. Increases density. Protects from ultraviolet radiation; Argan oil - moisturizes, saturates with nutrients. Stimulates hair growth. Increases durability. Provides elasticity. Prevents breakage. Eliminates dandruff. Protects against fungal diseases. Facilitates combing. Increases hair density. Camellia oil. Moisturizes, nourishes. Softens hair. Accelerates the update of the structure; Baobab extract - saturates with moisture and controls hydrobalance. Prevents hair breakage. Slows down aging; Avocado oil - regenerates tissues. Eliminates hair damage. Increases protective functions. Adds shine to hair. Facilitates combing; Lavender oil - normalizes microcirculation in the scalp. Stimulates hair growth. Prevents them from falling out. Counteracts skin diseases; Hydrolyzed silk - provides regeneration of the hair structure. Normalizes metabolic processes. Softens. Prevents tangles. Makes hair light and silky. Forms a protective barrier against ultraviolet radiation and adverse environmental factors.

How to use: Apply to damp hair. Foaming. Massaged. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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