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Brand: kerasys
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Type of means for hair: Anti-aging, Healing
Effect: Stimulation of straight hair, Strengthening, Okhlajdayushchiy, Protivovospalitelnyy, Ochishchenie, Smyagchenie
Type of product: Shampoo
Package: 600 ml
Country of production: South Korea < br>Brand: Kerasys Special therapeutic prophylactic shampoo horse company Kerasys for men, which opens, refreshes, and moisturizes the scalp and hair. Kerasys Deep Cleansing Shampoo is suitable for regular use, especially if the scalp is sensitive or dry. The components of the shampoo have a complex effect, they eliminate dandruff quickly, they prevent shedding, they stimulate the renewal of cells and straight hair, they support the water balance, they control the production of sebium and the scalp.

Kerasys Deep Cleansing Shampoo contains the following ingredients:

Climbazol - a component of antibacterial action - prevents the appearance of fungus, vyzyvayushchego poyavlenie dandruff i zud.
Sodium salicylate is a component, anti-inflammatory agent, anti-drying agent, anti-inflammatory agent.
Xylitol and lactitol are moisturizing components that maintain optimal hydrobalance in the head.
Ceramidy - components, reinforcing protective mechanism of cages and hair.
Allantoin is a component that supports cell regeneration and repair.
Extract of black coral is a component that reduces the production of sebium, which is a sign of baldness.
Myata and menthol dayut osvejayuschichi pokaivayuschichi effect.
Keratiny, strong, high-quality hair.
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