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360 Фото Видео камера RICOH
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Brand: Ricoh This item is available for purchase Delivery throughout Uzbekistan In 2013, RICOH THETA became the world's first consumer camera capable of instantly capturing 360° panoramic images and shooting 360° panoramic videos. THETA quickly gained a following, became a very popular and sought-after product, and has since grown into a large community. THETA users have formed, and we always listen to and support their feedback. RICOH THETA cameras are personal, unique spherical imaging tools that create impactful content that exceeds expectations and often surprises and surprises. Your unforgettable experience will remain in 360° format, and you can always return to continue the experience and share it with friends! The top models in the RICOH THETA S line, launched in 2015, address the need for high-quality panoramic images as well as in new and emerging business and virtual reality sectors. This camera has received excellent reviews from photographers and users who have successfully used it to highlight and promote their business, as well as from those who use the camera in video production to find alternative and creative video solutions. Not to mention the THETA camera fans who love to share their experiences with family and friends. Unique and inimitable moments, joyful events and impressions from your travels will now remain with you forever! Designed as the entry-level model of the RICOH THETA SC series, RICOH THETA SC provides a simple and enjoyable experience of capturing 360° images and videos, ushering in the era of virtual reality (VR) as part of our daily lives. I live. THETA SC takes advantage of RICOH's flagship THETA S. Superior image quality is achieved thanks to two high-performance CMOS sensors and two fast lenses, as well as a unique algorithm that combines two images in full without seams or artifacts. The space around you. At the same time, THETA SC is lighter than its predecessor. With RICOH THETA SC, you can easily capture 360° images and videos on your smartphone or tablet with one click, and instantly upload the resulting images and videos to the dedicated website and share them on all social networks using the link. You can share this. ! The RICOH THETA SC camera is available in four colors: soft blue, beige, coral and classic white. THETA SC will be your personal tool for creating 360° images and videos anytime, anywhere. Feel the atmosphere of wonderful moments with RICOH THETA SC! *Mass retail product for instant spherical imaging in a single exposure (as of October 2013, based on research conducted by Ricoh). main function High resolution 360° images The RICOH THETA SC camera produces high-quality spherical images with a resolution of approximately 14 megapixels thanks to the combination of three exclusive technologies: two high-quality fast lenses (F2.0) and a pair of CMOS sensors. (12 megapixels each) and a proprietary algorithm for merging two images, identical to the premium THETA S model. Panoramic images from THETA SC cameras are distinguished by excellent color reproduction, low digital noise in low light conditions and an image completely free of digital noise. This is a trace of the “gluing” of the two hemispheres of the image. Using an application with a conveniently updated interface, photographers can make the settings necessary to obtain high-quality photos from a smartphone or tablet connected to the camera via Wi-Fi. RICOH THETA SC allows you to instantly upload your created 360° images and videos to a specially created website,, and then share the link on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. The easiest way is to publish the resulting 360° images and videos directly to Google MapsTM, Google+TM and YouTubeTM. High definition 360° video The RICOH THETA SC camera records high-quality 360° video in Full HD (1920x1080 pixels, 30 frames per second)*. You can easily create amazing videos using your smartphone or tablet, even without a personal computer. Easily change the size, shape and composition of the captured spherical video with just one finger! With THETA+Video**, a user-friendly video editing app, users can edit videos and apply effects quickly and easily. Owners of RICOH THETA SC can upload ready-made spherical videos to website (videos up to 5 MB in size are supported), share them on any social network or upload them to YouTube video hosting. *The maximum length of one video is 5 minutes. **THA+ video app is compatible with iOS8.0. (or higher) or Android 4.4 (or higher). authentic joint
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