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87 120 сум

Odor absorber for refrigerator Home Z Deodorant Coal Double Door, 240 gr

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87 120 сум
Type: odor absorber
Purpose: elimination of unpleasant odors
Weight: 350 gr
Brand: Home Z
Production: South Korea Home'Z Deodorant Coal Double Door

A natural, plant-based deodorant with activated charcoal that has an enhanced odor removal effect, including pickle and marinade odors.

Enhanced odor removal effect, as well as the ability to preserve the freshness of products, is achieved through a combination of long-acting charcoal and activated charcoal.

Has an antibacterial effect.

It is used for two door refrigerators, the validity period is up to 3-4 months with a volume of 750l.

Tags: #OdorAbsorber #RefrigeratorDeodorant #HomeZ #CoalDoubleDoor #240gr

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