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Lebelage cleansing foam cucumber

Brand: lebelage
Product Code: 14162-38
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Salesman:  Original Korean Cosmetics
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41 000 сум
Foam from the South Korean brand Lebelage perfectly washes off makeup and impurities. It cleanses pores, removes irritation, helps to retain moisture inside the skin and protects it from dryness. The product lathers well and pleases with a pleasant texture. Foam with cucumber extract has light whitening, toning and soothing properties. It stimulates intensive renewal of the structure of the epidermis, prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation and sagging. The extract is rich in vitamins, especially of group B, which are responsible for increasing the regenerative processes in the dermis. The foam also has an antioxidant effect, copes with oily sheen and redness.

Tags: Пенка для умывания, lebelage, cleansing foam, cucumber

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