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FarmStay Snail Pure Cleansing Foam 180 ml

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Brand: farmstay
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Brand: Farmstay
Volume: 180
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Gender: Female, Male
Age rangefrom: 20 years old
Effect of use: Cleansing, Restoration, Lightening, Toning
Application: Day care, Night care, Wash
Type: Snail Pure Cleansing Foam

One washing is not enough for a complete cleansing of the dermis. This process is much more effective with foam, which not only gently removes impurities, but also improves the appearance and health of the cutis.

The extract of natural snail mucin, with which the foam is enriched, promotes the regeneration of the cellular structure, restoration and rejuvenation of the cover, strengthening the elastin and collagen framework. Due to the activation of internal processes, blood microcirculation improves, the tone of the face is evened out. Being a powerful antioxidant, snail mucus delays damage, protects tissues from aggressive environmental influences, ultraviolet radiation and premature aging.

The multi-acid complex in the composition acts as a structure-forming element. Myristic acid promotes better conduction into the skin and absorption of other nutrients. It restores the dermis' own immunity. Stearic acid promotes surface cleansing of the skin, softens the epithelium, and is also responsible for the uniform distribution of cosmetic components in the tissues.

Arginine synthesizes proteins involved in proteinoid production, increases tissue and vascular tone, stops age-related changes in the dermis, and also acts as an antiseptic.

Allantoin softens, moisturizes and relieves inflammation.

The foam delicately removes the remnants of makeup and sebum, cares for the face, softens and refreshes the face. Light and pleasant, absolutely unobtrusive aroma makes the washing procedure comfortable even for allergy sufferers.

The tool is universal for the types of epidermis and is suitable for daily use.

How to use: after the make-up removal procedure, apply a small amount of the product to a damp face, lather, massage a little and wash your face.

Volume: 180 ml

Product Features:

Skin type for all types; inflamed; oily; combined; normal; dehydrated; problematic; dry; dull; fading; sensitive
Functions anti-aging care; restoration and regeneration; tone equalization; lifting; pore cleansing; increase in elasticity; increase in elasticity; relieve redness and skin irritation
Wrinkle imperfections; redness; loss of elasticity; dryness and dehydration; dull complexion; peeling; black dots
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