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15 000 сум


Brand: jmsolution
Product Code: 8120-29
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15 000 сум
Type of bed: for dry bed, for dry bed
Effect: relieves irritation and increases tone of the face
Volume: 30 ml
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Brand: JMsolution Toniziruyushchaya tkanevaya maska s ekstratom kamelii JMsolution Camellia Glacier Water Iceland Mask Snow effektsya boretsya s tusklostyu i obezvojnostyu, gluboko uvlajnyaet i stranyaet priznaki usstalosti. It restores the aesthetic water-lipid balance, soothes irritation and increases skin tone.

The mask increases microcirculation and metabolism, starts the renewal and regeneration process. Pridaet koje zdorovoe siyanie, ustranyaet pokrasneniya, razglajivaet relief litsa. The mask supports the optimal level of absorption, increases the ability of cells to absorb moisture, and prevents heat loss.

The fabric base of the mask is richly enriched with nourishing essence, fits closely to the skin, and ensures the maximum effect of using the mask.

Basic active ingredients:

  • Different molecular hyaluronic acid penetrates the deep layers of the epidermis, actively moisturizes cells, reduces moisture and burns. It forms a protective layer that does not allow moisture to evaporate.

  • Ice water contains a rich complex of minerals and useful microelements, stimulating the process of renewal and regeneration. Aktivno toniziruet i uvlajnyaet koju.

  • Camellia extract deeply regenerates the skin, increases the barrier function, strengthens the protective layer, prevents vapors and moisture and protects the skin from aggressive external influences.

  • Retinyl palmitate is a vitamin A product. Moshchny antiaging active accelerates the process regeneration of cells and epidermis, has a lifting effect, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the tissue, has an illuminating effect on the skin.

  • Edelweiss extract has an antibacterial effect on irritated skin, restores damaged cells and protects young skin.

  • The extract has anti -inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties. Normalizes blood pressure, relieves irritation, reduces inflammation. Strengthens the immune system, makes me sensitive and reactive

  • Niacinamide increases the synthesis of ceramidov, ustranyaet sukhost, styanutost i shelushenie. Zamedlyaet dostavku melanina k epidermisu, predotvrashchaet obrazovanie pigmentnyx pyaten.

It is suitable for all types of koji.

Sposob primeneniya: ispolzovat posle etapov ochchicheniya i tonizirovaniya. Dostane and open the mask, evenly distribute the polish and leave it for 10-20 minutes. Vbeite ostavshuyusya essentiyu konchikami paltsev, dojdites polnogo vpityvaniya.

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