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Brand: jmsolution
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Skin type: for dry skin, for oily skin, for combination skin
Effect: The mask effectively improves skin firmness and elasticity, strengthens turgor and helps in the fight against skin aging. Intensively nourishes, quickly relieving dryness and tightness.
Volume: 30 ml
Country of origin: South Korea
Brand: JM SOLUTION JMsolution Active Golden Caviar Nourishing Mask Prime active nourishes the skin, eliminates dryness, peeling and slows down the aging process.

The mask effectively improves skin firmness and elasticity, strengthens turgor and helps in the fight against skin aging. Intensively nourishes, in the shortest possible time relieving dryness and tightness.

Restores the protective functions of the skin and strengthens the lipid barrier of the epidermis, neutralizing the aggressive effects of external factors. Improves complexion and restores a healthy glow to the skin.

Highly concentrated gel essence penetrates deep into the epidermis, eliminates dryness and maintains an optimal level of hydration in skin cells, increasing tissue firmness and elasticity.

The base of the mask is made of ultra-thin cupra, which is tightly fixed, adheres well to the skin, repeating all the contours of the face and actively promotes the penetration of beneficial components into the skin cells. Cupra does not allow air to pass through, creates a kind of "greenhouse effect", which helps all the components of the mask to be better absorbed, and also perfectly retains moisture.

The main active ingredients:

Caviar extract - activates the production of collagen, the amount of which decreases with age, restoring skin elasticity and firmness. Provides active nutrition and skin rejuvenation, smoothes mimic and age wrinkles and skin creases, tightens the oval of the face.

Gold 24K - increases turgor, has photoprotective properties, protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation, brightens pigmentation, enhances the degree of penetration of active components into the deeper layers.

3 types of hyaluronic acid - actively moisturize by conducting moisture deep into the cells of the epidermis, create a barrier on the skin surface that prevents evaporation of moisture and maintains an optimal level of moisture, eliminates dryness and flaking.

Artemisia leaf extract - has a bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect. Normalizes the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, treats acne.

Calendula officinalis extract - has an antibacterial and antiviral effect on the skin, regenerates the integument, relieves redness, itching, irritation, is used for rosacea, normalizes the hydrolipidic balance, removes oily sheen.

Recommended for dry and mature skin.

How to use: Wash your face and moisturize your skin with toner. Remove the mask from the packaging and place it on the skin, pressing firmly. Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes and allow the remaining essence to be absorbed with light patting movements.
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