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30 000 сум


Brand: dr-jart
Product Code: 7780-29
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30 000 сум
Type of koji: for dry koji, dlya chuvstvitelnoy koji, dlya kombinirovannoy koji
Effect: replenishes the lack of moisture and cellular levels. Mgnovenno removes suxost and slusheniya, darit koje dodorovoe siyanie, sposobstvuet uderjaniyu lagi v koje and starts process regeneration. .Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution with hyaluronic acid and aquaxilom. The ultra-thin mask fits tightly to the skin and allows the moisturizing component to penetrate deep into the epidermis, eliminating the lack of moisture and cellular levels. Mgnovenno ustranyaet sukhost i shelusheniya, darit koje zdorovoe siyanie, sposobstvuet uderjaniyu vlagi v koje i zapuskaet processy regeneration.

The composition of the mask contains 3 different moisturizing components - aquasil, hyaluronic acid and marine hydrogen extract. Takoy complex ne tolko vospolnyaet lack of vlagi v koje, no i predotvrashchaet eyo poteryu, a takje sposoben uvlajnit koju ne tolko snaruji, no i na kletochnom urovne.

The product is suitable for all types of cars, it also has an operator's manual and an operator's manual. supports tone and healthy skin, eliminates redness and inflammation.

The main components of Dr Jart Vital Hydra Solution:

Akvaksil is a complex of glucose and xylitol, which binds free liquid. Uvlajnyaet i vosstanavlivaet koj, predvrashchaet transepidermalnuyu loss of water, helps my cells to retain moisture and eliminate obezvojnennost epidermis. Umenshaet shelusheniya i sglajivaet microrelief.

Hyaluronic acid is a long-term and high-intensity moisturizing treatment, reduces the appearance of premature aging, stimulates cellular renewal, and brightens the complexion.

Extract marine hydrogen - obespechivaet zashchitu koji ot vrednyx vneshnix agressivnyx vozdeystviy. Increases synthesis of collagen, increases elasticity and tone, improves elasticity and tone.
Extract from the root of ginger - relieves fatigue and tone, has a strong antioxidant effect, and removes toxins.

Panthenol - stimulates the restoration of skin integrity, reduces redness and irritation, has healing properties.

The malt extract has a brightening and brightening effect, reduces inflammation, brightens pigmentation, and increases the color of the face.

Sposob primenenia: Dostante iz upakovki, snimite zashchitnuyu pelnu i plotno prilojite k ochchichennomu litsu. Cook for 10-20 minutes. Dayte vpitatsya essencesii, myagkimi pokhlopyvayushchimi dvizheniyami.

Tags: #disposablemask, #drjart+, #vitalhydra, #solution, #25g

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