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210 000 сум

Dr Ceuracle Jeju Matcha Clay Pack

Brand: dr-ceuracle
Product Code: 12106-23
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210 000 сум
A peeling mask based on 3.5% matches from the Korean island of Jeju, 4 types of natural clays, provides delicate exfoliation of the skin, stimulating its natural renewal, absorbs excess sebum, helps cleanse and reduce pores, reduces the number of comedones and inflammatory elements. The invigorating matcha ingredient cleanses the skin and has an antioxidant effect, maintaining youthfulness of the skin, relieves inflammation, irritation, restores the functioning of epidermal cells, preserves and prevents transepidermal moisture loss, and also improves microcirculation and strengthens blood vessels. The unique formula of the product helps to restore the water and mineral balance of any type and condition of the skin, including problematic, dehydrated and sensitive. Improves the appearance of the skin, gives it a natural matte and uniform healthy tone.

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