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Brand: jmsolution
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Type of skin: for oily skin, for combined skin, for normal skin, for moist skin, for dry and mature skin.
Effect: Restores the protective function of the skin and strengthens the lipid barrier of the epidermis, neutralizes the aggressive effect of external factors. Increases the color of the face and gives a healthy glow. Volume: 4 ml Country of manufacture: South Korea Brand: JM SOLUTION Nochnaya maska s zolotom i kroy JMsolution Active Golden Caviar Sleeping Cream Prime actively nourishes the skin, removes moisture , shelusheniya i zamedlyaet processy starenia.

The mask effectively increases resilience and elasticity, increases turgor and helps fight aging. Intensivno pitaet, v kratchayshie sroki izbavlyaya ot sukhost i chuvstva styanutosti.

Restores the protective function of the skin and strengthens the lipid barrier of the epidermis, neutralizing aggressive exposure to external factors. Uluchshaet tsvet litsa i vozvrashchaet koje zdorovoe siyanie.

Osnovnye deystvuyushchie components:

Extract roe - activates the production of collagen, the amount of which decreases with age, regains elasticity and elasticity. It provides active nutrition and morphology of the skin, relieves mimic and age wrinkles and folds of the skin, supports the oval face.

Zoloto 24K - increases turgor, has photoprotective properties, brightens the skin with ultraviolet light, brightens pigmentation, increases the level of penetration of active components in deep layers.

3 screws of hyaluronic acid - active moisturizing, conducting moisture deep into the epidermis, creating a surface barrier, preventing moisture loss and supporting optimal moisture levels, removing excess moisture and shedding.

Extract of medicinal calendula - has antibacterial and antiviral effects on the skin, regenerates the skin, reduces redness, swelling, irritation, is used in couperosis, normalizes the hydrolipidic balance, removes acne.

Rekomenduetsya dlya sukhoi i zreloy koji.

Sposob primeneniya: Apply neobhodimoe kolichestvo maski zavershayushchim etapom vechernego ukhoda.
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