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35 000 сум

Laneige Special Cica Sleeping Mask LSM

Brand: laneige
Product Code: 7791-29
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35 000 сум
Skin type: mature / for all types / oily / combination / normal / problem / dry / sensitive
Imperfections: acne / oily sheen / wrinkles / edema / rosacea / peeling
Volume: 10 g South Korea
Brand: Laneige Laneige Special Care Cica Sleeping Mask is exactly the remedy that will become your skin's savior at a time when it needs nourishment, restoration, strengthening and protection the most! The hypoallergenic formula and natural ingredients of the Laneige Night Mask are ideal as an additional intensive care for even the most sensitive skin! The mask effectively strengthens the skin barrier, helps to give strength and energy to dull, flaky and lifeless skin, it perfectly restores damaged tissues and improves the general condition of the skin, working to awaken its natural beauty and health!

Protective night mask helps restore the natural barrier that protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences, sudden temperature changes, bad ecology, and also prevents the formation of pathogenic bacteria.

Centella asiatica complex is the basis of the composition of the night mask, which takes on the role of protection, restoration and soothing effect for the skin. This complex from this mighty plant perfectly copes with irritations, redness, inflammation and rashes, relieves redness and has a powerful calming effect, softens and improves skin texture, restores damaged skin cells destroyed by negative reactions to the environment. Centella contributes to the strongest protection of the skin from all aggressive environmental factors that can provoke premature aging, irritation and allergic reactions, as well as rashes, it accelerates microcirculation, thereby strengthening blood vessels, and also has a powerful firming effect on the epidermis, maintaining its firmness and elasticity, providing the effect of general rejuvenation, eliminates puffiness and relieves the skin of excess fluid. Centella asiatica also normalizes the water-fat balance, filling the skin with moisture, while neutralizing excessive oily sheen from the skin, makes the skin tone more uniform, relieves fatigue and has a general healing effect, maintaining it for a long time.
What makes the Laneige mask so special:

- The night mask, thanks to its intensive composition and formula, effectively restores the skin in its "golden time" - during sleep, when the skin needs special care and care. The mask promotes improved tissue regeneration, skin cell renewal and works to maintain skin protection from environmental factors.

- The skin is significantly weakened at night and loses a large amount of moisture, releasing a large amount of sebum in an attempt to replace the lack of water, but with the help of the mask from Laneige, the skin will receive intensive replenishment of moisture and quality care, especially when the skin is prone to dehydration or damaged, sensitive, as the mask also has a strong healing effect. In the morning you wake up with moisturized, even skin, without signs of irritation and excessive sebum.

- The key feature of the mask is the so-called "Forest Yeast" - a patented component that gives the strongest therapeutic effect of restoration and healing, many times greater than the effect of madecassoside. The component also significantly accelerates cell renewal processes and prevents premature aging.

- The hypoallergenic formula of the mask suits even the most sensitive, allergic skin, as the mask has been tested by dermatologists. The mask also does not contain harmful ingredients and strong fragrances.

Laneige Special Care Cica Sleeping Mask is a firming overnight mask with Centella Asiatica, presented in a minimalist design, a match for the entire series of the famous night masks of this brand. Since the mask is declared as hypoallergenic, there is practically no fragrance in it, the aroma has imperceptible fresh notes of centella. The texture of the mask is creamy, whipped, and at the same time light, perfectly absorbed completely, in a matter of minutes, does not create discomfort, unpleasant sensations and does not leave the effect of presence.

Main components:

Squalane - squalane molecules allow it to easily integrate into the lipid layer of the skin, it helps to retain moisture in the cells and prevents its loss, while perfectly moisturizing, relieves the feeling of dryness, tightness, relieves the skin of peeling and softens, eliminates the roughness of the relief, significantly improving the texture. Squalane increases tissue elasticity, has an antioxidant effect, prolongs youthfulness of the skin and prevents the appearance of signs of premature aging, it also accelerates regeneration, smoothes fine wrinkles, promotes deeper penetration of beneficial ingredients into the skin, restores the stratum corneum.

Panthenol - effectively restores damaged skin, perfectly heals microdamages on the skin, significantly accelerates tissue regeneration, helps to neutralize the effects of irritation, negative reactions on the skin, inflammation and rashes, dehydration, and other damage. At the same time, the component perfectly moisturizes the skin, relieving it of dryness, softens and improves the skin microrelief, soothes, and also increases the strength of collagen fibers.

Shea butter - stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin firmness and elasticity, has a rejuvenating effect, softening and smoothing the epidermis, reducing the severity of wrinkles. Shea butter protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment, prevents the loss of moisture and intensely nourishes the skin, eliminates flaking and dryness, accelerates regeneration processes and improves metabolism, and also has an anti-inflammatory soothing effect, relieves redness and irritation, and has a beneficial effect on the condition of problem skin.

Vitamin E - has tonic, nourishing and rejuvenating properties, it helps to retain moisture in the skin, nourishes it, relieving peeling and dryness, makes the skin smooth and eliminates the roughness of the relief, increases skin firmness and elasticity, reduces the depth of wrinkles , prevents the formation of age-related pigmentation, evens out the overall tone, and also prevents sagging and loss of turgor, keeping the skin youthful longer.

Suitable for all skin types. Recommended for dry, normal, combination, problematic, rash-prone, sensitive skin prone to irritation, redness, skin that is often under stress, which has a weak protective barrier, which is manifested by frequent reactions to the environment, as well as for dehydrated skin, prone to flaking, with a rough relief, dull complexion.

Recommended as anti-aging care and as part of lifting prevention.

How to use: at the final stage of your evening care, apply a small amount of night mask on the entire face along the massage lines, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. It is recommended to use a night mask 2-3 times a week an hour before bedtime.
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