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NATURE REPUBLIC Collagen Dream Cleansing Foam with Vitamin C Capsule 150ml

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110 000 сум
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Product Type: Cleansing Foam

Volume: 150ml

Gross Weight: 200g

Country of origin: South Korea Facial cleanser contains water-soluble collagen 150 mg, acai extract 150 mg, vitamin C 750 mg, etc.

Foam for washing forms a lush foam, gently cleanses, restores the smoothness and silkiness of the skin.

Restores elasticity, firmness and protective skin barrier.

Collagen intensively fills the skin with elasticity and prevents it from deforming. Collagen fibers support the skin from the inside, give it freshness and smoothness, which is why collagen for the face is very important for maintaining youthful skin. Able to absorb and retain moisture in the subcutaneous layer, which provides the skin with constant moisture. Which, in turn, is one of the most important factors affecting the absence of wrinkles.

Anthocyanins contained in acai reduce the destruction of skin cells and counteract the aging process. As a source of fatty acids, acai nourishes and revitalizes the skin. Phytosterols regulate the lipid activity of the upper layers of the skin. In addition, phytosterols stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. The skin looks radiant, smooth and healthy.

Vitamin C prolongs the youthfulness of the skin, thanks to the help in the formation of collagen fibers, neutralizes free radicals. Maintains skin tone and nourishes it Vitamin C converts the inactive version of vitamin E into an active antioxidant form. Provides the synthesis of complete collagen, brightens areas of hyperpigmentation, improves the condition of dermatoses accompanied by inflammation, protects against UV rays.


A small amount of product, lather with a small amount of water. Apply the resulting foam on damp skin of the face with massage movements. Wash off with warm water afterwards.
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