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Brand: cosrx
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Skin type: for all skin types
Effect: effectively remove all types of impurities and make-up residues, deeply cleanse pores and dissolve sebaceous plugs
Volume: set
Country of origin: South Korea
Brand: COSRX Set for Combination skin care COSRX AC Collection Trial Kit Mild consists of specially selected products that take into account the needs of problem skin. The products help relieve inflammation and irritation, soothe the skin, deeply moisturize and normalize the hydro-lipid balance.

The set is aimed at normalizing the condition of the skin, providing a healing and regenerating effect. Means purposefully act on the foci of redness and inflammation, eliminate discomfort and itching, even out skin tone, and eliminate traces of post-acne.

The set includes:
Soothing foam COSRX AC Collection Calming Foam Cleanser gently removes all types of impurities from the surface of the epidermis, smoothes the relief, stimulates renewal processes and accelerates the regeneration of dermal cells. Forms a rich foam that penetrates deep into the pores, cleans and narrows them, brightens black spots. Soothes irritated skin, reduces its reactivity.
Soothing fluid COSRX AC Collection Calming Liquid Mild gently cleanses and exfoliates dead cells from the surface of the skin, relieves inflammation and irritation, removes redness. Moisturizes the cells of the epidermis, eliminates dryness and tightness. Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands and regulates the production of sebum, eliminates oily sheen.
COSRX AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream has an intense soothing and healing effect. Stops the development of acne, reduces foci of inflammation, effectively heals, removing redness and itching. The cream is applied directly to the inflamed areas and pimples, gently dries and eliminates discomfort.
COSRX AC Collection Lightweight Soothing Moisturizer actively fights acne and acne, soothes irritation and inflammation. Deeply nourishes with moisture, maintains hydro-lipid balance, prevents dehydration. Evens out skin tone, brightens post-acne spots.

Main active ingredients:
Aloe extract has a deep antibacterial and healing effect, saturates the skin with microelements and minerals. Deeply moisturizes and saturates the cells with useful vitamins, strengthens the protective barrier.
Centella asiatica complex contains 3 types of active derivatives of centella, which have a particularly strong healing, healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Effective in the fight against inflammation and acne, soothe irritated skin and relieve redness.
Sodium hyaluronate penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, actively moisturizes the cells, helps to retain moisture in the skin. Forms a protective layer that prevents moisture from evaporating. Maintains an optimal level of moisture throughout the day, prevents dehydration, gives the skin smoothness and elasticity
Madecassoside stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, accelerates the healing process. Smoothes microrelief, brightens hyperpigmentation, reduces inflammation.
Tea tree oil has a strong antimicrobial effect. It fights clogging of pores, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands and the production of skin sebum, and reduces oily sheen.
Zinc dries and reduces inflammation, promotes rapid healing of the skin. Mattifies the skin and prevents the appearance of oily sheen.
Propolis has powerful antibacterial properties that help prevent inflammation. Restores the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, strengthens the protective barrier and protects it from the harmful effects of external factors. Eliminates peeling and dry skin, nourishes and softens.
PHA-acid has a gentle cleansing effect that does not cause irritation even in sensitive skin. Evens skin tone and microrelief, has a photoprotective effect, has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Suitable for combination and oily skin.

How to use: foam a small amount of foam, gently massage the skin of the face, rinse with cool water. Gently blot your face with a towel, apply fluid with a cotton pad, wait for absorption. Take a small amount of the treatment cream and spread it over your face in a thin layer. If there are rashes on the skin, then use a local cream, applying it directly to the area of inflammation.
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