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Brand: o-hui
Product Code: 6949-21
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1 300 000 сум
Brand: OHUI

Type koji: For all types of koji

Effect: Vyravnivaet tone, pridaet litsu yarkost, siyanie.

Strana: Korea Set for intensive lightening of pigment and dark circles O HUI Extreme White Special Set

spetsialno sozdan dlya ravnomernogo otbelivaniya vezrastnoy pigmentationsii, temnykh uchastkov na sukhoy, jirnoy, combinirovannoy, normalnoy koze. Ravnomerno vyravnivaet ton, pridaet litsu yarkost, siyanie. Ustranyaet tusklost, zemlistyy ottenok, effect koji kurilshchika, postakne. Delicatno очешчает ot orogovevshego sloya, smyagchaet epithelium. The tool is also effective for borby so sledami pryshchey na molodo koje.

Produkty series Extreme White is aimed at suppressing the production of melanin, activating the working cells thanks to the White TM technology, which increases the effectiveness of skin care, eliminating dullness, caused by natural aging processes. The action of the product line is aimed at opening, restoring, refreshing the skin and wrinkles with age-related pigmentation.

The fifth entry:

  • Extreme Bright Cleasing Foam: A soft, soothing vitamin foaming agent with a soft, soothing vitamin capsule and a rich foaming foam, which simultaneously improves skin texture and works on dead skin cells.

  • Extreme White Skin Softener: Functional cosmetic product for whitening Vitamin tonic for the skin Snow flower, which increases the texture of the skin and gives it a thick texture.

  • Extreme White Serum .

  • Extreme White Cream: Vitamin cream and high-enriched snow vitamin, which is deeply absorbed into the skin and presents a soboy change to the skin.

  • Extreme White Sleeping Mask .

The White Extreme Cell series is based on innovative developments: the latest ingredients used for weight loss, the complex formula Stemela TM. The composition also includes niacinamide, an anti-inflammatory complex, and the main extract of snow lotus Snow Vitamin Complex.

Niacinamide ( Vitamin B3) has a highly expressed ability to lighten spots and burns. It also increases the local immunity of the epithelium to repair the lipid layer. Yavlyaetsya aktivnym komponentom dlya moshchnogo kletochnogo obnovleniya koji. Otnositsya k gruppe kletochno-svyazuyushchikh aktivov. It can increase elasticity, significantly increase barrier function, help remove age spots, increase tone and texture, brighten and even out tone. Stimulates collagen synthesis, production of ceramides and lipids. S pomoshchyu etogo zamechatelnogo vitamina vyrabatyvaetsya konnyy immunity k vozdeystviyu vneshney agressivnoy sredy.

Snow lotus (Saussurea involucrata) is a high-altitude plant that grows at an altitude of 3000-4500 m above the sea level. This plant has unique medicinal properties and is called "Tsar of All Herbs" and "Sokrovishche lekarstvennyx sredstv". And Kitae etot tsvetok schitayut svyashchennym podbono jenshenyu. The extract has immunomodulating activity, increases the resistance of the organism, and is rich in biologically active substances, including several types of flavonoids, such as nelumboside, quarcetin, isoquarcetin, and others, as well as leucoanthocyanidins, alkaloids, organic acids, yeasts, peptides, and carbohydrates. The lotus extract opens and brightens the skin, softens and soothes, calms and soothes irritation, tones and strengthens, dissolves wrinkles and slows down the aging process.

Stimulates collagen synthesis, production of ceramides and lipids. S pomoshchyu etogo zamechatelnogo vitamina vyrabatyvaetsya konnyy immunity k vozdeystviyu vneshney agressivnoy sredy.


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Асель Бекмуратова
Асель Бекмуратова
My mark:
Отличный набор для борьбы с пигментными пятнами и потемнениями. Результаты видны уже после нескольких применений. Довольна!

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