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46 200 сум

Set of children's toothbrushes White

Brand: others
Product Code: 12832-37
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46 200 сум
Type: children's toothbrush
Set: 2 pcs
Bristle hardness: soft
Features: non-slip handle
Handle material: PP rubber
Bristles composition: polyethylene terephthalate double bristles, compact head and handle, ideal for effective cleaning of children's teeth.
Thin, soft, pointed upper bristles penetrate deeply into spaces between teeth that are hard to reach for ordinary toothbrushes. Rounded lower bristles of medium hardness perfectly clean the tooth enamel and do not damage it. Thanks to brushing your teeth with such brushes, blood circulation improves, gums are massaged, and the resistance of the oral cavity to infections increases. The brush contributes to the long-term preservation of a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Tags: children's toothbrushes, White, Set

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