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Seaweed Daesang Dried Seaweed, 150 gr

Brand: daesang
Product Code: 8515-30
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Type: seaweed
Weight: 150 gr
Nutritional value per 100 g of product
Proteins - 22 g
Carbohydrates - 39 g
Fats - 0.8 g
Energy value: 207 kcal (866 kJ)
Manufacturer — Daesang Corporation, South Korea
The product is certified "Dried Seaweed" - seaweed for cooking. A natural product rich in calcium, iodine, iron, phosphorus, various vitamins and minerals. Useful product for the whole family.

Method of use
The product is ready to use without further processing.
For soup with soy cheese: wash seaweed in warm water, cut into 1 cm segments. Cut soy cheese into 1 cm cubes. Put soy paste, seaweed, soy cheese, mushrooms into boiling water. Cook for a few minutes.

Daesang Seaweed Dried Seaweed for Miyok Soup

The high content of micro and macro elements (more than 40 in total) makes sea kale indispensable in dietary nutrition. It is the prevention of thyroid diseases, oncology, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus. Promotes the release of radionuclides, cholesterol, salts of heavy metals from the body.

Daesang brand seaweed is thoroughly rinsed in clean water before drying, so no additional rinsing is required, all you need to cook is just toss in cool water to swell.
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