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115 000 сум

Dr. Jart+ Cryo Rubber With Brightening Vitamin C

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115 000 сум
Dr. Jart+ Cryo Rubber With Brightening Vitamin C Modeling mask for skin tone is filled in the form of a hardened alginate mask, which does not need to be mixed, just put it on the face.

The product naturally transforms the skin, fills it with moisture and active components, tones, gently brightens the general tone of the skin, brightens and brightens the complexion, helps to fight darkness and pigmentation.

2-x shagoya system application modeling mask:

1 hour. High-concentration ampoule serum.
The product is designed for deep intensive conditioning, prevents the appearance of fatigue, tones and restores natural color.

The vitamin complex effectively brightens and brightens the overall tone, increases the color of the face, eliminates dullness and dryness. Povyshaet uprugost i elastichnost koji, zamedlyaet processy aging.

2 hours. Modeling alginate mask.
Mask open plotno prilegaet k koje s tochnostyu povtoryaya contoury litsa.

The special texture of the hardened alginate mask effectively seals all the active components inside, allowing it to penetrate the skin and improve the skin's elasticity, increasing the effectiveness of the product and preventing fumes. Pri vzaimodeystvii s teplom koji mask dayot lyogki okhlajdayushchii effect i uspokaivaet razdrazheniya.

Basic active components:

Vitamin A has a pronounced antioxidant potential, softens the skin, increases elasticity, helps to dissolve small wrinkles.

Vitamin V - speeds up cell renewal process, reduces the number of cells in the body, reduces inflammation, reduces inflammation, and promotes cell regeneration.

Vitamin C - has a berejnoe osvetlyayushchee deytvie, yavlyaetsya moshchnym antioxidantom, ustranyaet pyatna postacne i vesnushki, snimaet redsnotu koji.

Grapefruit extract - increases the color of the face, improves the condition of the skin, normalizes the salinity of the skin, reduces pores, increases turgor.

Extract of marine hydrogen - obespechivaet zashchitu koji ot vrednyx vneshnikh agressivnyx vozdeystviy. Increases synthesis of collagen, increases elasticity and tone, improves elasticity and tone.

Method of application:

1. Apply the serum carefully to the face;
2. Izvlekite masku iz upakovki, udalite zashchitnuyu plyonku i pomestite na litso, plotno pridavlivaya. Sleduet snachala nanesti nijnyuyu chast maski, a posle — verkhnyuyu;
3. After 30-40 minutes, remove the mask and gently massage the remaining essences.
* Ostavshuyusya syvorotku mojno ispolzovat na sheyu, ruki i t.p

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