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42 900 сум

Body washcloth with handle, 45 cm

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42 900 сум
Type: washcloth
Purpose: cleansing, peeling
Weight: 100 gr
Length: 45 cm
Production: South Korea

A washcloth is a basic set in the fight against hygiene, just like a toothbrush or a razor. And just like a toothbrush, it needs to be changed from time to time and in no case be loaned to other family members. Before peeling, it is important to prepare the skin. To do this, you need to steam the body, you can do this in any sauna, hot bath without foam or in a shower - the result of this will be the same. Peeling is done on a wet body, which means that after steaming it is necessary to moisten the body, then go through all areas with massage movements, especially paying attention to coarsened areas.


  1. Prevention against cellulite, goose bumps, with constant use, the skin is tightened and sagging disappears

  2. Provides improved blood circulation

  3. Skin renewal and cleansing

  4. Great weapon for ingrown hairs after using epilation and shaving

  5. Save money on cosmetics. It can be used many times with proper care. In addition, a washcloth is a great alternative to a scrub.

  6. Suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies who do not tolerate cosmetics and bright fragrances

  7. A great way to briefly escape from everyday problems, stress and the bustle of the city

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