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Massage mat for shower. Velikolepno massages the body, stimulates blood circulation, opens pores. The product has a cosmetic healing effect and cosmetic peeling. Darit charge energy, pozvolyaet chuvstvovat sebya otdokhnuvshim i bodrym posle prinyatiya vanny ili dusha. Also, it helps to tighten the skin and remove cellulite.

Type: mochalka
Qualification: 1 pcs.
Material: polyester and nylon
Effect: opening, massage
Size: 29x100 cm Method of application: moisten the cloth in warm water, use any detergent for washing and accurately pomassiruyte koju. After washing the mop, wash the soap and dry it.

Composition and performance: The healthy bath towel is made of voluminous polyester and nylon fiber, which massages the body and opens the skin beautifully. Even with a small amount of gel, it can be used to create taste and foam. Forma mochalki napominaet uzkoe polotentse, chto pozvolyaet udobno i bez osobyx usiliy dotyanutsya do kajdogo section tela.

Mochalka otlichaetsya osobym kachestvom i dolgovechnostyu: srok slujby dannogo sredstva ot 10 do 15 let. The material is clean and hygienic, and its surface is not microbial, bacterial or moldy. The product is compact and easy to use, it stops quickly, it is easy to store, and it occupies a minimum place in the luggage.
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