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Brand: frudia
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Skin type: for all skin types
Effect: Recovery, Nutrition, Smoothing wrinkles, Softening, Moisturizing
Volume: 110 ml
Production country: South Korea
Brand: FRUDIA While working at a computer or under exposure to dry, polluted city air, the skin intensively loses moisture and requires additional care, even if a cream was applied to the face in the morning. Nourishing cream-mist from Frudia perfectly saturates the skin with useful microelements, tones and moisturizes the epidermal cover, satisfying the skin's nutritional needs. Convenient spray format allows you to carry it with you in your purse and take care of your skin throughout the day, preventing it from drying out.

Phytoestrogens contained in pomegranate seeds improve skin tone, strengthen and make it denser. Maintain the elasticity and firmness of the epidermal layer, prolong its youth in the future. Roman chamomile extract instantly soothes irritated skin, relieves itching and redness, and eliminates other manifestations of discomfort thanks to azulene and a complex of flavonoids. Chamomile also has the ability to absorb toxins and cellular metabolism products, cleansing the skin of harmful elements.

The spray contains a complex of hydrogenated nourishing oils. They prevent dehydration of the skin, saturate it with moisture and beneficial trace elements. Mango butter softens the skin, makes its surface smooth and velvety. Eliminates fine wrinkles and other imperfections of the relief. It has antibacterial activity, effectively stops the developing inflammation. Apricot and grape seed oils have sebum-regulating properties, reduce the production of excessive sebum, preventing the formation of comedones and the appearance of oily sheen.

How to use: Shake the bottle thoroughly before use. Spray the required amount of product on the skin from a distance of about 15-20 centimeters. Update if necessary. Avoid contact of product with eyes.
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