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Melamine sponge eraser

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Type: cleaning sponge
Material: melamine
Set: 5 pcs.
Size: 9.5 cm x 2.9 cm x 5.5 cm Melamine sponge "Household-Eraser" will help you easily cope with cleaning WITHOUT chemicals, WITHOUT gloves and WITHOUT a terrible smell. Before using the sponge, you only need to moisten it with warm water. Possible applications: for wood, plastic, metals, glass, ceramics, acrylic, plexiglass, tiles and more. Sponges clean rust, plaque, adhesive residue from labels, dirt, oily surfaces, etc. Melamine sponge - eraser, an indispensable assistant for cleaning.

Melamine sponge - A unique product made from synthetic materials. Melamine is a synthetic material that resembles an eraser in action, but instead of a pencil, melamine erases even the most severe dirt on surfaces made of various materials. A unique product is purchased for the care of surfaces for various purposes. Despite the soft structure (a wet sponge is easy to squeeze), the effect on plastic, wallpaper, tile, stainless steel, linoleum, metal resembles the action of sandpaper, but more delicate (without the presence of large abrasive particles). Before use, place the sponge in a container with cold ( do not heat the liquid) with water, wait a few seconds until the product gets wet, squeeze lightly several times. Now you can safely clean even the most difficult stains from wine, blood, felt-tip pens.

The melamine sponge eraser quickly removes greasy deposits, brightens the smoked surfaces of pots, removes soap deposits in the bathroom, and various kinds of old dirt.


Sponge removes stains from almost any surface without additional portions of cleaners and detergents. It is enough to wet the product in cold water so that the fibers are completely saturated with liquid (to start a chemical reaction), remove excess water - and you can start caring for surfaces, fighting pollution; when using a melamine sponge in the kitchen, bathroom, living quarters, you do not need to use cleaning gels, pastes, powders, solutions;

  • pre-treatment of surfaces before cleaning is not required;


  • universal home care product: removes dirt from almost any surface;

  • detergents and cleaning compounds are not needed;

  • quite easily removes stubborn, old stains;

  • cleaning takes less time;

  • melamine sponge can be washed hard and soft surfaces;

  • the original washcloth made of active melamine absorbs water, a thin layer of resistant foam is formed, which allows you to more actively clean off dirt with less effort;

  • economy. With use, the melamine washcloth is erased (small balls are separated). One product is enough to clean almost 10 sq. m of various surfaces.

What can be cleaned with a melamine sponge:

  • tile;

  • glass surfaces;

  • mirrors;

  • wallpaper;

  • plastic;

  • stainless steel and enameled surfaces of kitchen utensils;

  • carpet;

  • furniture;

  • shoes and clothes;

  • floor coverings;

  • vehicle interior;

  • oven;

  • countertops;

  • plumbing;

  • mirrors and many other surfaces.

Precautionary measures

Melamine sponge should not be used to wash items that come into contact with food, you need to remove the melamine sponge in a hard-to-reach place so that pets and children do not touch the product made of 100% melamine.

It is recommended to wear gloves when using the sponge.
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