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Electric mattress Gray fir-tree large size 135*180 cm

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686 400 сум

Large electric mattress L size 135 * 180 cm (± 3 cm) is used to heat the bed and maintain a comfortable temperature for a person


  • dimensions are suitable for a double standard bed
  • adjustable thermostat
  • 8 heating modes
  • antistatic material Tetron
  • rounded edges
  • cross embossed fabric
  • silent operation

Autumn, winter and spring are not the warmest seasons. Cold nights are not conducive to a good, sound sleep. When centralized heating does not help to fall asleep in a cold apartment, a person is looking for other ways to keep warm. A person buys various heaters and heating systems, forgetting about their health hazards. Heaters heat the apartment by drying the air and warming the walls.

A more targeted, quicker way to keep warm in bed is to use an electrically heated mattress.

In Asian countries, there is no centralized heating almost everywhere. That is why in Korea, China, Japan, electric mattresses and blankets are in stable demand. We offer to buy a high-quality mattress made in South Korea (delivery from the domestic market of the country).

A heated mattress (aka electric mattress, electric mattress) is a bedding that runs on an electrical network. An electric mattress is usually spread under a sheet and plugged into an outlet. The regulator sets the desired heating temperature. The power consumption of the device depends on the temperature set for heating and ranges from 80 to 120 watts. Of course, such an electric mattress is suitable for everyone, especially since, having bought it, you can also use it as a blanket.
The electric mattress works silently, without creating unnecessary sounds, which is very important for a healthy sound sleep. Thanks to the automatic regulator on the thermostat, you can easily control the level of heating.

Also, an electric mattress is suitable:

- people with circulatory problems and constantly cold feet
- suffering from pain in the joints and muscles
- in massage parlors and beauty salons

The electric mattress is made of synthetic polyester fabric - Tetron brand (T/P). This fabric has the ability not to accumulate static electricity, while having a pleasant silky sheen.

Such a fabric requires special care , especially since it contains heating elements. Only hand washing with a brush is allowed (easy manual washing of contaminated areas of the product) in water with a temperature of not more than +30 degrees. However , never expose the electrical connectors of the electric mattress to water . When washing the mattress, observe the following: Do not use bleach, rinses or other strong chemicals when washing. Not a large amount of washing powder is allowed.
After washing, do not dry in electric dryers and do not tumble dry.
Do not dry on batteries.
To dry the electric mattress, hang it in a dry place,
try not to wring or fasten the blanket with clothespins.
Ironing or steaming the mattress is strictly prohibited,
and it is not necessary, since the material is not prone to the formation of large folds.

This material has several advantages :

  • resistant to pollution
  • strong and durable
  • does not deform
  • pellets do not appear

The heated mattress is packed in a bag with handles, which is very convenient for storage and carrying.

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