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Brand: elizavecca
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Type of hair: Normalnye, Tonkie, Suxie, Smeshannye, Povrejdyonnye. br> Component: Proteiny, Collagen
Package: 50 ml
Country of production: South Korea
Brand: ELIZAVECCA Essence for hair with collagen Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Coating Protein Ion Injection for dry, heat-treated hair. The product actively moisturizes and strengthens the hair, restores smoothness and healthy shine, makes it more obedient. Sredstvo ne trebuet smyvaniya.

Osnovnye deystvuyushchie components:

Silk amino acids penetrate into the structure of damaged hair, sposobstvuet vosstanovleniyu volos, zashchishchaet volosy ot negative vozdeystvya vneshnikh faktorov, myagchaet i dezlagzhivaet volosy.
Hydrolyzate collagen fills the damaged area of the structure of the hair, fills it up and dissolves keratin cells.
Hydrolyzate keratin - the unique properties of keratin allow it to penetrate into the hair and completely fill the damaged part of the ego structure. As a result, the carcass of the hair is vosstanavlivaetsya, hair priobretayut smooth and shiny.
Gelatin lengthens and strengthens hair, removes shine, smoothness and softness.
Hydrolyzate soy proteinov napravlen na complexnoe ozdorovlenie volos.
Celery extract moisturizes hair, nourishes it with vitamins and microelements, increases barrier function, strengthens hair follicles, stimulates straight hair.
The extract of the leaves of white cabbage nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals, nourishes follicles, prevents premature hair loss.
The extract protects and moisturizes the hair, slows down the process of aging, accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, stimulates the hair and restores its structure.
Tomato extract contains vitamins N, K, A and V9, retinol, potassium, choline, calcium, phylloquinone, biotin and folic acid, which improves hair structure.
Extract leaves of rapeseed help restore soft, brittle and damaged hair.
Extracts of carrots and broccoli make real new hair, and give it a glossy shine.

Sposob primenenia: On clean hair, dry or wet, apply the required amount of the product evenly along the entire length. Ne smyvayte!
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