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190 000 сум

Mask for damaged and dry hair with collagen Lador Eco Hydro LPP Treatment 530 ml

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Brand: lador
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190 000 сум

Ador Hydro LPP Treatment for Damaged and Dry Hair contains a complex of collagen and LPP amino acids. A powerful restoration agent for dry and damaged hair, moisturizing, nourishing, and providing softness and elasticity. It has a cumulative effect, without feeling greasy and heavy, covering each hair with a protective film that strengthens the structure and prevents dryness and damage. Mask for damaged and dry hair with the Collagen Ador Hydro LPP Treatment . The mask has a serious healing, moisturizing and strengthening effect on hair from root to tip. The acidity of the mask is ph 5.5, which favorably affects the general condition of the hair and scalp, reduces their fragility, prevents dandruff and split ends.

Main Active Ingredients:

The natural amino acid complex LPP has a strong regenerating and firming effect.

Collagen in the composition of the product is the source of strength, health and shine of hair, it "glues" the scales, making the hair more even, elastic, smooth and shiny .

Jojoba oil is indispensable for dry, brittle, damaged, colored and dull hair. It intensively nourishes and restores hair without creating an oily film. Prevents moisture loss and hair damage caused by external factors.

Olive oil saturates hair with vitamins and essential nutrients. This operation is aimed at restoring the structure and preventing split ends.

Carrot extract is rich in a complex of vitamins and trace elements. Thanks to this, hair follicles are strengthened, hair loss is reduced, and new hair growth is activated. In addition, dead skin cells become moist and smooth, returning a healthy glow.

Suitable for colored, dry and damaged hair.

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