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86 000 сум

Masil 8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask, 100 ml

Brand: masil
Product Code: 13297-21
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86 000 сум

Mask for quick hair restoration Ma sil   8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask leaves hair soft, smooth, silky and restores healthy shine to curls.

The highly concentrated formula of the product penetrates deep into the hair cuticle and has a positive effect on the restoration of the structure of the strands, restores elasticity and elasticity to the hair. Aimed at deep restoration of even the most damaged hair.

The tool also heals the scalp, normalizes the pH balance of the skin, reduces oiliness, strengthens the roots and prevents hair loss.

The mask contains 16 herbal ingredients such as licorice, green tea, lavender, lemon, centella, orange, ginkgo and other extracts that repair damaged hair, leaving it always silky and flowing.

The product in just 8 seconds is able to restore and significantly improve the condition of the strands, restore strength and shine to the hair, strengthen them and eliminate brittleness. The tool is a transparent essence that directly affects the scalp and hair cuticle.
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Main active ingredients:

Hydrolyzed keratin - effectively restores hair, improves its appearance, returns smoothness and shine. Creates a protective sheath that retains moisture and gives hair elasticity.

Hydrolyzed collagen - makes curls softer and more elastic, improves their structure, prevents brittleness and loss, restores natural radiance.

Ceramides - fills the strands with vitality and makes them more durable, restores damaged areas, gives hair shine and silkiness.

Silk proteins - give hair silky softness, natural smoothness and elasticity, make hair obedient, facilitate combing, help styling and maintain hairstyles, protect hair from ultraviolet light.

Spirulina extract - prevents hair loss, activates the growth of new ones, improves cellular respiration, accelerates cell division and epidermal renewal. Moisturizes hair, making it soft, smooth and shiny.

Mode of application:

1) Apply the mask to damp, clean hair and distribute evenly over the entire length of the hair;
2) Leave the product for 8 seconds (for severely damaged hair, it is recommended to keep the mask for 3-5 minutes);
3) Wash off the product with warm water.

Tags: hair care, hair mask, salon-quality, deep conditioning, nourishing, 8 seconds, quick results, Masil, 100 ml size

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