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Manyo Bifida Biome Concentrate Serum

Brand: manyo
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343 000 сум

Concentrated serum Ma:nyo with bifidobacteria is aimed at intensive restoration of the skin microbiome, strengthening the protective barrier and combating age-related changes. It activates the regeneration process, harmonizes the hydro-lipid balance and prevents moisture loss during the day. The serum contains a complex of 4 types of ceramides, which improve the protective properties of the skin, reduce sensitivity and maintain the natural moisture of the skin. Serum also prevents the appearance of wrinkles, rosacea, sagging and unwanted pigmentation.

A complex of probiotics (Bifida Ferment Lysate (51%) and Cutibacterium granulosum fermentation extract filtrate (1%)) is aimed at harmonizing and restoring the skin microbiota. Probiotics create favorable conditions for the functioning of beneficial microorganisms that support immunity, metabolism and skin healing. This excludes skin reactivity, incorrect functioning of the sebaceous glands, irritation, acne and other disorders.

The complex of ceramides (Ceramide NP, NS, AP, EOP) restores the barrier function of the skin, thereby strengthening its natural defenses. The complex also stimulates skin regeneration, prevents dehydration and restores it after intensive peelings.

A complex with hyaluronic acids (includes 8 types) moisturizes the skin at all levels, retains moisture in the intercellular space and attracts it, maintaining an ideal hydrobalance.


•Smoothes microrelief;

• Aligns complexion;

• Strengthens and tightens the skin;

• Improves metabolism and immunity;

• Slows down aging;

• Increases protective functions.

Mode of application:

Apply a few drops of essence to cleansed and toned face skin and let it absorb by 70-80%. Then apply your daily skin care cream.

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